Only Happy When It Rains?


Despite Garbage's admonitions to the contrary, I'm not happy when the weather is inclement. I just want to stick my head in an oven.
Like this morning.
No need for an intervention. I wouldn't want to rob you readers of the joy of seeing me name-drop my way through a blog…because that would be selfish.
As self-absorbed as I am (yeah, like you aren't) I'd like to stick around a bit longer.
Even if it's just to taunt you. 
I've spent minutes scouring this month's press releases and transcribing the latest art gossip, so you can get your art fix to get you through the day and don't need to wallow in the doldrums like ART WHORE.
Because that's the kind of guy I am.


October 9th is “Monstoberfest” at Rothick Art Haus, “a celebration of
all that [is] creepy, cruel and remotely cute about monsters.”
Curated by Irene Mendonis of Mana Studios, the exhibit features many of the studio's artists.
Plus, the first 100 get Monstoberfest glow-in-the-dark mugs.
Do you really need any more info?
Rothick Art Haus is at 170 S. Harbor Blvd., Anaheim. For more info, call 714-829-8283 or visit their website



While I am no longer a believer–I read Christopher Hitchens' book God is Not Great: Why Religion Poisons Everything and
it blew that idea out of my brainpan–I still get a thrill when I see
religious art. The feelings may change, but they never really go away,
do they?
If that kind of art holds resonance for you, MUZEO is
opening “Divine Reflections: Russian Icons and Artifacts (17th c. to
20th c.)” on October 10. Featuring over 450 pre-Soviet painted icon
panels, wood carvings and sand-cast metals from all levels of Russian
society, MUZEO has combined four different exhibitions to create this
MUZEO is located at 241 S. Anaheim Blvd. in Anaheim. Info is available at 714-956-8936 or visit their website at


of you following the progress of Hibbleton gallery in Fullerton should
know that they have moved to a new space just a few blocks away from
their old location. The new, bigger and (I'm told) better space is at
223 W. Santa Fe Ave. Their latest show, “Death and Remembrance in Latin
America” opened Oct. 1.
One of the curators, Jesse LaTour, is also running for Fullerton City Council. You may have
seen one of several campaign posters in local storefront windows.

Not sure
how good an idea THAT is–time spent on politics often overshadows time
spent on art–but it's always refreshing when a passionate man (or
woman) with a brain wants to make the city he lives in a bit better. If
you want to give him a hand, you can reach him at the new Hibbleton:


One of my favorite local artists, Steve Elkins, is premiering his new film The Reach of Resonance at Hibbleton on Friday, Oct. 23. Here's an unofficial teaser trailer:

The Reach Of Resonance (unofficial teaser) from Candela Films on Vimeo.

Steve sent me a link to watch the film on-line (because I'm a lucky
fucker and you're not) and I'll be doing an interview with him for Art
Whore just before his film opens, so stay tuned.


I am officially declaring October John Paul Jones month,
since two exhibitions (one at SCAPE and another a few weeks later at
Laguna Art Museum), and Mike McGee's 1999 book on the artist, John Paul Jones: The Pursuit of Beauty's Perfect Proof, will be getting a lot of attention this month.
late Jones–former Laguna Beach resident and founder of the printmaking
programs at both UCLA and UC Irvine–has a solo exhibition at SCAPE |
Southern California Art Projects + Exhibitions, opening Oct. 23.
Celebrating over fifty years of his work, the gallery will have over 25
prints, sculptures and paintings on display.
SCAPE is located at 2859 East Coast Highway in Corona Del Mar. For more info, call 949-723-3406 or vist their website at
Art Museum presents their retrospective from the Museum's extensive
collection, titled simply “John Paul Jones,” on October 30th, curated
by Cal State Fullerton Professor McGee. Accompanying the Jones exhibit
is “Megan Hart Jones: A Tribute,” featuring work by the artist's
daughter who died tragically at the age of 21.


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