One More Reason to Hate Flying: More Intense TSA Searches for Surgically Implanted Bombs

Do you know an elderly person, who due to hip or knee replacements is wheeled into the TSA line at the airport, where he or she is subjected to a long, humiliating search? I do, and when recounting a recent horror story, I was topped by a woman who said her auntie was not only just removed from her chair and searched but ordered to remove her adult diaper.

It seems so demeaning, so unnecessary. But the reason for such searches may have been revealed today by the Transportation Security Administration.

The U.S. government has warned airlines that terrorists are considering
surgically implanting explosives into passengers in an attempt to circumvent
screening procedures, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The threat may lead to more intense screening procedures (if they haven't begun already for those in wheelchairs) as body scanners do not detect what's under one's skin, according to the government.

Searches will be especially stepped up for international flights bound for the U.S.

Adult diaper-wearing world travelers beware!

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