One Dollar for 5 Pounds of Jalapeños at Freshia in Tustin!

I've always been amazed at price disparities among local ethnic shops in my years of reviewing restaurants for this infernal rag. I've seen King's Market in Anaheim sell habaneros at half of what Northgate does, bought good onions at the Turkish market in Garden Grove's Little Karachi for cheap, and other fine deals. But nothing as outlandishly cheap as what I saw Super Bowl Sunday at Freshia in Tustin.

Five pinche pounds for 99 cents? Even Northgate can't match that price–its current sales on the pride of Xalapa only offer three libras for 99 cents. And these were good jalapeños, too: ripe, fleshy, with the pepper's trademark verdant heat (although Freshia's stock of what they called red jalapeños was, sad to say, a bit mushy). Who knows where Freshia scored such a great deal on jalapeños, but one thing's for certain–though a Korean market, it knows its second-biggest clientele in the immediate region are Mexis.

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