On “Rule-of-Law” OC Cities and their Laughable Hypocrisies

Here's something for ustedes to munch on while I finish something fun: ever notice how the cities in Orange County that are tripping over themselves trying to pass resolutions supporting Arizona's SB-1070 anti-illegals bill or standing with Costa Mesa's anti-Mexican efforts are the cities that have depended on Mexicans the most?

Think about it: Yorba Linda and Rancho Santa Margarita, two cities from opposite ends of la naranja, are towns that owe their charm and faux “Spanish” aesthetic to the sweat of Mexis who built those houses, landscape everything, take care of kiddies blah blah blah.


Villa Park, where the sodomy-loving Deborah Pauley tried to pass a similar resolution? Similar situation. Cypress? Aspires to the wealthy status of the other cities, but still needs its Mexis.

You don't see Orange County's working-class towns–you know, the ones with actual Mexicans living in them–bothering with such Know Nothing stupidities. They know better. Some might argue that Costa Mesa and Orange fall under this category, but we all know Mayor Allan Mansoor pursues the illegals not because he's racist but because he has aspirations for higher office, so Costa Mesa is an abberation. And Orange? As being one of the few cities–actually, now that I think about it, the only city–in Orange County to have embraced both Mexican segregation and sundown-town status (that charming artifact of the South from whence African-Americans were not allowed within city limits after sunset lest they suffer a lynching), it's their heritage to discriminate, so I understand.

Anyhoo, back to work–but what do YOU think?

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