Omar Alirio Guzman Gets the Max: 120 Years to Life in Prison for Molesting Three Little Girls

Omar Alirio Guzman will have a long time in state prison to consider whether it was worth it to molest three little girls (and more than likely a fourth … at least).

The 46-year-old Mission Viejo resident received the maximum sentence for the eight felony counts of lewd acts with a minor he was convicted of in July: 120 years to life in state prison.


We apparently misunderstood the possible max here:

Omar Alirio Guzman, Guilty of Molesting 3 Girls, Could Get Up to 135 Years in the Joint

Guzman was found guilty of molesting the then-9- and 10-year-old daughters of an acquaintance in 2009-2010 and another 11-year-old girl in August 2010. All three girls had been over to his house for sleepovers with his daughter, who along with his wife were asleep or out of sight when Guzman got grabby.

The 10-year-old in the earlier case was watching a television program with her family about a man who abused a girl when the real-life victim revealed to her parents what Guzman had done to her. That uncovered the crimes Guzman also inflicted on the younger girl, prompting a call to authorities.

There was more than likely a then-5-year-old victim of Guzman. The original charges announced by prosecutors after the former housecleaner's arrest included the daughter of a client. Guzman allegedly molested the girl in her home in 1995, but the statute of limitations lapsed on that case.

The subsequent investigation turned up the 11-year-old girl, whose chest and buttocks Guzman touched over her clothing during a sleepover. Her case was part of the prosecution, which revealed one victim had been manhandled by Guzman at least 10 times.

Public defender Michael Morrison insisted during the trial that the girls had given contradictory statements to various investigators, City News Service reports.

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