Old-School Char at the BurgerStop [Hole In the Wall]

The cheeseburger is a tried-and-true, all-American classic that we keep coming back to, and lucky for us, Orange County has a great selection of steamed hams from joints including TK Burgers, Brea’s Best and Choice Burgers. Now, we can add the BurgerStop in SanTana to that list.

The unassuming burger shack stands alone on Warner for all to see, offering everything we want in a non-gourmet burger. The meat is grilled on a well-seasoned flat-top, then dressed with melted American singles, onions, tomato, dill pickles and cold shredded iceberg lettuce. It all comes together with secret house-made sauce (à la Thousand Island dressing) on a toasted bun.

You can gussy up your juicy burger with bacon, avocado, chili, Swiss, mushrooms or another patty—heck, you could even eat healthier by ordering a turkey burger! But the old-school char cheeseburger is the one to get. And it’s best enjoyed with crispy, golden fries; fried zucchini; gooey chili-cheese fries; onion rings; or waffle fries that never get soggy and are made better by ranch dressing.

BurgerStop also serves sandwiches and melts, the best of the bunch being the pastrami, the spicy chicken sandwich and the tuna melt. For the kiddos, there are junior burgers, grilled-cheese sandwiches and chicken nuggets—all served with fries and a juice box. And for a reasonable price, you can get a breakfast of pancakes or French toast paired with various meat options. You’ll also find breakfast burritos (served with hashbrowns, eggs, shredded cheese, salsa and your choice of meat), egg combos and breakfast sandwiches.

Whatever you order, save room for a hand-blended shake. We recommend the banana—creamy, rich and not too sweet!

Thanks to nearby businesses and schools, this place is popping at lunchtime, but the great team behind the counter fills orders quickly. BurgerStop is a no-frills, classic burger joint that proves you don’t always need to put an egg on it.

BurgerStop, 2302 S. Broadway, Santa Ana, (714) 557-2835.

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