Oh Oui! Pâtisserie Serves Macarons Stuffed With Ice Cream

Donuts stuffed with ice cream was so 2014. A new dessert shop called Oh Oui! Pâtisserie has opened in Garden Grove and it stuffs macarons with a gelato of your choice. The shop doesn't seem to have a website and I've yet to make a trip, so I can't tell you how much one might cost. But since Oh Oui! is competing with the other Vietnamese bakeries in Little Saigon, I wouldn't bet that it'll cost more than what you'd pay for a typical macaron elsewhere in OC, even with the added gelato.


From the Facebook page, the macarons are just one of the many other French pastries and delicacies the place makes. Expect madeleines and decorated cakes, and even pâté. And then there's this commercial in Vietnamese a few weeks ago, which doesn't even mention the ice-cream stuffed macarons…because, well, Oh Oui! does more than that and doesn't seem interested in just being a fad.

10131 Westminster St. Garden Grove, California, (714) 591-5286

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