Oh For Sweets Sake! Makes Yummy Cupcakes. But…

Eighth entry in our series where we promise to review, for better or worse,
every “high-end” roach coach that visits the Weekly's world
headquarters. Another truck visits next Monday–when will
mobile food truck come?
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Behold this beautiful trio of cupcakes, prepared by the Oh For Sweets Sake! cupcake truck (and listen to Thee Midniters, the great Chicano band of the mid-1960s, whose album is in the background–garage rock at its finest). The carrot cake version at right, dusted with some strong spice or other, I ate in two gargantuan bites; the peanut butter one in the left topped with a couple of Reese's Pieces, wonderful (especially that peanut butter cream center–one cannot go wrong with this condiment). And the centerpiece, the truck's signature cupcake, worked, but I wish they used a stronger salt on the almonds to draw out more of the chocolate's flavor.

At $3 a pop, these cupcakes are a deal, especially considering how yummy they are. But…


I worry about these luxe-loncheras with such a limited menu.

When Oh for Sweets Sake! visited the Weekly's world headquarters last week, I felt for them. There wasn't a line of office drones to meet them as had greeted other trucks–the interest simply wasn't there. “Ah, they just sell cupcakes–what's so exciting about that?” one person told me, although their tune switched once I gave them a sample.

But I agree, to a certain extent. I fully endorse this cupcake truck, but how much can consumers truly care about cupcakes, no matter how delicious they may be? The cupcake craze is winding down, Food Network shows or not, and the middle-aged man and woman who ran the truck were so nice I hope that their investment in the truck doesn't succumb to the whim of an luxe-lonchera straddling two foodie trends.

My advice, just as I gave to the Tropical Shave Ice truck from last week: Team up with other trucks. Be a Boswell to them. Ensure your survival by being there after people gorge themselves on food and are looking for a sweet afterglow.

Or, who knows? Maybe your business model is working, and maybe I'm just a clueless pendejo. Actually, the second part is true…but good luck, and put more salt on the almonds!

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