Octopus' Garden

We're pretty screwed. Our state's in the worst water crisis it's ever been in. Governor Arnie's aiming for a 20 percent reduction in water usage, and this is our first statewide drought in 17 years-yet people go on watering their lawns before 4 p.m. and taking half-hour-long showers. We've got all kinds of fun pollutants stemming from things such as fertilizers and pesticides running off our streets, driveways and lawns and right into the ocean, reducing its clarity; increasing algae growth and red tide, as well as the growth of bacteria; and poisoning fish. What to do? Well, you can start planning your autumn-planting season now with author/environmental horticulturalist/landscape designer Douglas Kent, as he offers tips on how to sustain an ocean-friendly garden with the help of native plants. Reduce that urban runoff and learn alternatives to grassy lawns and deadly chemicals. At least you'll be doing your part. (We're still pretty screwed, though.)
Wed., June 25, 7 p.m., 2008

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