Octomom Nadya Suleman's Taut Boobs and Belly Not Possible Solely from Diet and Gym: Plastic Surgeons

The latest bikini photos released by Octomom Nadya Suleman to supposedly save her La Habra home from foreclosure has sparked the interest of the RealSelf Blog.

The community of netizens who share their expertise on cosmetic surgery, dermatology, dentistry, weight loss, baldness and vision correction has a problem with the single mother of 14's claims that she achieved her new physique through visits to a gym and not a plastic surgeon's office.

“All signs point to 'LIE,'” concludes the uncredited blog post.

Dr. Grant Stevens, a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills (hey, maybe his office is near Suleman's soon-to-be-unlicensed fertility doctor Michael Kamrava), is quoted as saying there's “no way” Octomom got her new body without a little help from the knife.

breast implants are obvious,” Stevens reportedly says. “I am confident she has had a tummy tuck.”

RealSelf claims “a
handful of other surgeons agree.” They explain that while diet and exercise can burn fat and muscle, they do nothing for the skin. Remember that Suleman carried eight babies at once. That skin shown in the before shot that opened this post snapped back to the firmness shown below with leaving stretch marks? Impossible, say the experts.

“[A]fter a pregnancy like that I don't believe her skin has shrunk so
much and her breasts grew so much,” Dr. Martin Jugenburg, a Toronto plastic surgeon, reportedly says. “Bottom line: just because someone
says so doesn't mean it is so.”

There is, of course, another possible explanation: photoshopping. Octomom is tight with the Vivid Entertainment porn king, who knows a thing or threesome about lighting, airbrushing and fluffing away all kinds of imperfections.

Of course, however that bod wound up in those pictures still begs the question about paying for it. How many others facing foreclosure and looking at 14 mouths to feed would spend their precious money on gyms or surgery or photo retouching?

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