“Octomom” Nadya Suleman's Landlord Claims He's Serious About Evicting Her and Brood of 14: Report


Is Octomom Nadya Suleman in serious danger of being evicted from her La Habra home this time?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Seriously, the National Enquirer wanted to know if they should bother assigning a reporter to the latest eviction scare for the single mother of 14.

Radar Online already has, citing a letter dated April 5 that shows Suleman's landlord, Amer Haddadin, has informed the Home Retention Department of Indy Mac
Loan that he intends to foreclose on the home. According to the letter:

2/26/09, I received an offer from
Ed Doud, Mr. Suleman's father. We
entered into an All Inclusive Purchase Money Deed of Trust dated March
9, 2009. The terms included a balloon payment of $450k (with interest)
no later than March 9, 2010. In the interim they were to pay monthly
payments equal to the amount I currently owe you on the above loan. Due
to financial difficulties I agreed to a modification of the terms on
4/6/10 changing the due date to October 9, 2010. This was drafted by her
Jeff Czech

I have continued to experience repeated late payments and received
no balloon payment throughout this time. They continue to request
extensions, which I have granted, feeling great sympathy for her family
situation. In addition I have received notice from the company that my
payments will be increasing, as the terms were for an adjustable loan.

I find this a great source of worry and dissention. Her attorney
will not speak to me, although he is responsible for forwarding payments
to me monthly. She will not return calls. Her father says that he is
very sorry, but has nothing to offer. Apparently she felt she would have
many opportunities for monetary gain, but none have come through. Her
last demonstration to the media was a soft porn photo shoot, which was
actually disgusting.

Haddadin was, of course, referring the kinky S&M fetish video Suleman shot with her pal (and rumored dad of some of her kids) David Gonzalez, an LA radio comic. Amid calls for child-protective services investigations because the video was shot in her home, Suleman later apologized, claiming it was a joke that got out of hand.

Besides Indy Mac Loan, the letter was copied to Doud, Czech and Moneyline Escrow, the company
that oversaw the transfer of titles, Radar reports. The title was reportedly transferred to Suleman and Czech under a company called Harmony Enterprises. Suleman has said in interviews that the trust owns the home, not her or Haddadin.

Octomom and the kids were allowed to stay in the home despite her missing a $450,000
balloon payment last October. Haddadin, meanwhile, claims he had to move into a trailer with his mother while footing bills to keep Suleman in his home. Now, he tells Radar, he has had enough.

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