Octomom Nadya Suleman Trades Gloves for Pillow for Next Paid Fight

To raise money during different points of her single motherhood of 14, Octomom Nadya Suleman has boxed fellow “celebrities,” starred in a horror movie, passed a hat around bars, hosted an advice show on the web, stripped down to a bikini for gossip rags, served as the “prize” on a dating show and held a highly publicized yard sale at her La Habra home. She's also turned down paid appearances in porn and fetish videos (if you don't count the one that had her in a leather corset whipping a grown man in a diaper).

Next up on her money-making plate: a pillow fight.

Damon Feldman, Satan's agent for promoting bouts pitting sub-D-listers in oversized boxing gloves against one another, is the genius behind Thursday's main event in Delaware County, PA. Suleman is scheduled to exchange pillow blows with a 24-year-old law student for three, one-minute rounds. It's among seven pillow fights that will be held in a bar in Woodlyn, and a portion of the proceeds will help raise awareness for the prevention of
abuse against women, according to Feldman.

Based on earlier reports, Suleman should have either sold her house by now or been forced out of it for not paying her mortgage. Her appearance fee is supposedly going toward her next pad.

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