Octomom Nadya Suleman Selling Autographed Bras, Panties and Toys at Yard Sale Saturday

Self-confessed cash-poor Octomom Nadya Suleman is having a yard sale Saturday in front of her La Habra home. It is arguably the first such rummage sale in Orange County announced via a PR firm and sponsored by Mr. Disco Duck himself, Rick Dees.

Octomom just announced she will NOT do porn for $500,000 as offered by Vivid
Entertainment–twice–but tomorrow she will be hawking autographed nursery bras,
autographed pregnant panties,
numerous autographed Octo toys and, oh, so much more.

Wrapped and priced to move

You'll have to find out for yourself whether those undergarments are used. Perv.

Lending help for this effort to save off foreclosure for Suleman and her 14 kids is comedian Tattoo (who must have something to do with the Dees' program, no? Dees has a program, right?).

Tattoo is getting in the spirit by selling “the boxers he was wearing when he found out the
amazing news that Nadya was having 8 babies,” reads the press release from Dees Entertainment.

You'll have to find out for yourself whether those undergarments are used. Perv.

“Nadya is a personal friend and wonderful mom,” Tattoo, who is presumably not the late Hervé Villechaize, says in the release. “We are only trying to
help her 14 children. What better way to do that than with a yard sale!”

I dunno, how about a job? Damn, there I go judging again.

If you'd like to show up and sniff around the bargain bins, the blessed event is scheduled to run from 10 a.m. “until the babies are asleep.” The address is 2051 Madonna Ave., La Habra.

Of course it will be streamed
live on UStream.TV, silly, with Tattoo at the ready to give the
play-by-play. “All auction items will be available online on eBay for
fans around the
world to make their bids,” reads the release. More details and links to the eBay auction and Live UStream.TV event are at rick.com.

Facing foreclosure yet again, Octomom did a TV interview last weekend for enough cash to stay current on her mortgage through the end of the month, but she has a $450,000 balloon payment due on Oct. 9.

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