Octomom Nadya Suleman Not Only Wants You to Buy Her a House But Furnish It, Too!

Among the comments to our post about Octomom Nadya Suleman soliciting $150,000 from “fans” online so she can buy a new home (following foreclosure of the La Habra abode the single mom shares with her 14 kids) was one from vsimp.

Vsimp discovered that Natalie also set up an Amazon wish list so saps compassionate folks can buy her new furniture for her new place.

You won't believe what's included . . .

You'll find the page here:

Octomom Nadya Suleman Wants You to Give Her $150,000

If you can't stomach a trip down the ol' Amazon yourself . . .

. . . among the desired Octo-products are: a Bobkona Huntington microfiber/faux leather three-piece sectional sofa set (in chocolate, please), which has been slashed from $1,690 to $703.78; a five-piece casual dining table and chairs set (the “Contemporary Style” with the cappuccino finish) from Coaster Home Furnishings, which has nearly been halved from $716.20 to $372.47; and a basketball headboard for a twin bed from AtHomeMart at $148.39.

Actually, there's nothing gaudy and the prices are pretty reasonable. Suleman surely pays more for her hair, nails, makeup, plastic surgery, gym membership, bikini wax, stache wax, back wax, lips pumper (both sets, if you've seen the pictures) and on and on.

Hopefully, therapy for her kids is figured into the budget, too.

Ah, well, just consider these gifts for her kids–bonus gifts if you're counting the government assistance. But she may get the furniture before her new house. As of Monday afternoon, only $940 of the $150,000 had been raised, according to her GoFundMe.com page.

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P.S. For those feeling snark-deprived from this post, please do check out Valkyre's take at NadyaSuleman.net.

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