Octomom Nadya Suleman Enters into Business with Her Rehab-Owning Landlord

Radar Online is the online-hepcat version of the National Enquirer, but don't hold that against the site. For one thing, despite its slimy rep, the Enquirer does manage to break real news about well-known people that is often initially denied but later confirmed. B) Radar Online often beats rival TMZ on the Octomerde beat.

The latest example is a report that Octomom Nadya Suleman has entered into some kind of business with the owner of the Chapman House rehab in Orange.


“Suleman, 38, registered the company, Octomom LLC, with the California Secretary of State on March 29, 2013 and named Chapman House rehab owner Timothy Chapman as a serving member, but it's unclear exactly what kind of business it is,” reports RadarOnline.

The registration date landed before Suleman defaulted on the rent of her Palmdale home in April, when she left the house in disrepair with her children in the middle of the night. Radar points to a May radio interview where Suleman admitted to living with her children in a former sober-living house owned by Chapman.

Meanwhile, she is still apparently in trouble with LA County welfare officials. The single mother was legitimately allowed to collect welfare for herself and her brood of 14 if she earned no more than $119,000 in a calendar year, but financial records from former employers indicate she made at least $150,248.77 in 2012. Among those companies: Wicked Pictures, producer of Octo-Mom: Home Alone, the self-love porn Suleman made years after vowing she would never do porn.

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