Octomom Nadya Suleman Cries Broke Again

Despite Celebridate, Celebrity Boxing, a horror movie role, paid interviews with the foreign press and her self-professed financial genius, Octomom Nadya Suleman is crying poor again.

The unemployed single mother of 14 whines to Dr. Drew Pinsky that she cannot afford basic home repairs and must wash her babies in the kitchen sink. 

At least her La Habra neighbors can take solace in being spared the sight of her washing the brood with a garden hose out front.

Suleman made the disclosure Wednesday on the syndicated Dr. Drew's Lifechangers. “I'm in a situation now where we are legally broke,” she told the host. “Living check to check. Every single thing I do … is
just me surviving and trying to provide for my family.”

Living paycheck to paycheck? Welcome to America, honey. Two words when it comes to making sure you can plan for your family's survival: family planning.

Do you know what other people struggling to live paycheck to paycheck give up? Nail appointments, gym memberships, designer sunglasses, plastic surgery, traveling across the country for one-time media stunts, etc., etc. They use the money they save to hire a goddamn handy man to fix the broken faucet on the tub.

Pinsky apparently fell for Nads' rap, “surprising” her with a year's worth of maids service.

If I were that maid (and the way things are going . . .), I'd keep my purse locked up in the trunk. 

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