OC's Tropical Shave Ice Truck To Open A Brick-and-Mortar Location…in West Covina?

Tropical Shave Ice Truck, arguably the most popular dessert luxe lonchera around these parts (even more popular on mercilessly hot weekends like the one we just had), posted a Tweet on Friday announcing that they're opening a brick and mortar store.

On their Facebook page, they included a teaser picture that showed the store front and wrote the following:

“And now for the big announcement. To all our Shave Ice Ohana, we have been extremely blessed to share with you our Authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice & happy to announce we officially have our brick and mortar restaurant. Launching end of September. More details to follow. Can anyone guess what city??”

Today they finally Tweeted the news: their brick and mortar location will be in West Covina…and that it will be a partnership with another Hawaiian food truck called The Shrimp Guys, who specialize in the garlic shrimp dish popular in our island state.

The store is slated to open September 24th. Exact location still forthcoming.

First Dos Chinos decides to defect to LA to start their brick-and-mortar. Now, et tu Tropical Shave Ice?

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