OC’s See Jane Go Creates a Sisterhood of the Traveling App!

Savannah Jordan saw herself to get behind the wheel of the ride-sharing economy to make some money, and her 15-year-old sister Skye needed a lift. But their father, William, didn’t feel comfortable with his teenage daughters doing either. Why? Creepy, strange men—DUH. 

Seeing the need to put women in both the driver and the passenger seat, the Jordan family started See Jane Go, a new ride-hailing sisterhood app! It launched publicly out of Laguna Hills on Tuesday and plans to service the greater OC and LA area this fall. All would-be Jane drivers need a number of things before hitting the road: A background check of driving records, a four-passenger vehicle less than 11 years old, auto insurance and a vehicle safety check go a long way for future employees. 

See Jane Go’s all-women approach is definitely going to have an appeal, but it’s not a new idea. Safeher, formerly known as Chariot for Women, publicly launched in the Spring but plans to start out in Boston in the fall due to high demand for its services. But See Jane Go is bringing the idea to the West Coast where it will be rolled out in Orange County before branching out to different cities across the country. The company is already reporting a high interest and demand in its plans. 

See Jane Go is currently registering all interested drivers, including those who might otherwise harbor doubts about putting the foot to the gas pedal for other ride-hailing services. The company is offering an 80 percent revenue cut per ride plus tips. A portion of the earnings also will go to a chosen cause dealing with issues like breast cancer research, domestic violence and homelessness. 

Sorry, fellas, See Jane Go is one way to pick up ladies that’s not available to y’all.

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