OC Alt-Right Can’t Deny Associations With White Hate Groups & Neo-Nazis

UPDATE, NOVEMBER 27, 6:30 P.M.; Fran Piazza, the State Commanding Officer for the American Patriots III%, issued the following statement to the Weekly on November 27, 2017 denying any association between Brian Enright or any hate groups with the American Patriots III% when this article was originally published;

Mr. Enright submitted a membership request to APIII% during a state command transition period in June of 2017. As the new Command Staff was being appointed and during the transition period, Mr. Enright attended meetings with our Zone 8 Chapter. In July of 2017 it was brought to the attention of State Command that Mr. Enright misrepresented himself and was in violation of the APIII By-Laws and Code of Conduct pertaining to Hate and Racism.

After further investigation, on or about July 30, 2017, Mr. Enright was removed from any and all affiliation with APIII%. Our Organization has a strict code of conduct that does not tolerate hate and racism. APIII% does not affiliate with groups that promote such actions of beliefs.

APIII% is a family oriented group of people that believe in our country and constitution. We are a positive thinking organization that is involved with our communities in a positive perspective.

ORIGINAL POST, November 16, 10:06 A.M.; For a group who hates being labeled as members of white hate groups and constantly attempts to stay in good optics, OC’s alt-right sure does love allying themselves with people who fit the bill. A recent ProPublica piece exposed one of the men who attacked this Weekling and the men we saw beating up antifa at the Huntington Beach MAGA March as members of a violent white hate group called Rise Above Movement. Part of the piece showed how The Red Elephants figurehead Vincent James Foxx was a supporter of the group by helping both incite and later glorify their violent actions via his outlet. Members were also accepted among OC’s alt-right and were spotted at three of Juan Cadavid a.k.a. Johnny Benitez’s anti-immigrant Laguna Beach vigils; one on May 28, 2017, another on June 25, 2017 and on July 30, 2017. The Weekly questioned Cadavid twice about his association with R.A.M. via Twitter and both times he avoided questions, only tweeting on August 8, 2017 “I can’t speak for RAM but I wouldn’t say living next to RAM is the same as living next to the cartel connected gangs of Santa Ana.”

“Stop being a cuck!” The Red Elephants tweeted on July 24, 2017. “Go join @Rise_Above_Mvmt.”

Then came the Hammerskin members (a neo-Nazi skinhead group) Matthew Gregory Branstetter, Spencer Anthony Currie and Skyler Segeberg with Branstetter and Segeberg originally being spotted at the HB MAGA March. Hatewatch did a piece on R.A.M. when they were still under the name D.I.Y. Division and a screenshot provided by the Weekly to Hatewatch showed R.A.M. met with the Hammerskins the day of the MAGA march. These same skinheads have been seen training with R.A.M. and often fighting alongside them at events. Meanwhile Currie is the vocalist and Segeberg the drummer for the skinhead-affiliated band Hate Your Neighbors which played alongside bands like Definite Hate (who mass shooter Wade Michael Page used to play with) at the October 1, 2016 Hammerfest in Georgia. The most troubling skinhead though is Branstetter who, according to info provided to the Weekly by reporter Ali Winston, was charged with assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury and grand theft person with sentencing enhancements for committing a hate crime in 2011 which an OCDA press release says stems from a “hate crime attack for beating and kicking robbery victim while yelling anti-Semitic slurs.”

Segeberg attended at least three of Cadavid’s vigils, posed for photos with the local alt-right and the Weekly spotted Cadavid personally greeting all three of the Hammerskins at the August 20, 2017 vigil. When the Weekly asked Cadavid via Twitter about them showing up to his event, he claimed to know nothing about the group but defended them by tweeting “I don’t get paid by prostitutes and drug dealers to stalk everyone who comes to my events. They’re patriots, their past is not my problem.”

“The only person in this picture with a ‘skinhead’ is me…because I’m bald,” Cadavid tweeted referring to the photo below, then responded to the above image of Segeberg wearing a West Coast Firm t-shirt by tweeting “So what? He wasn’t wearing it at the event. I don’t even know what that is.”

The neo-Nazi who takes the strudel though is Brian Michael Enright, the Mountain Center, CA resident who attempted to throw a book burning event in Huntington Beach back in August with Cadavid. We didn’t find much on Enright then as his profiles were private, but he popped back up on our radar when Irma Hinojosa (who is also Cadavid’s girlfriend) shared a Facebook status from Enright under the name Brian Enreich, where he claimed full responsibility for the book burning event in an attempt to distance Cadavid from the bad optics. But by sharing this post, she accidentally revealed his hidden profiles, giving us the lovely header image above of Enright posing in front of a Celtic cross flag (identified as a hate symbol and used by white supremacists) with a rifle in hand and him wearing a Nazi tank t-shirt. The Weekly began digging into Enright, with five Facebook accounts popping up belonging to Enright under the names Brian Enright, Brian Enright III, Brian Enreich, Brian Hit and get this; a campaign page for his planned congressional run in California’s 36th district.

His Facebook posts show he barely decided to run for office on October 16, 2017 with the campaign still in it’s infancy with nothing suggesting a full on serious commitment to campaigning as of yet. If it wasn’t for social media, you’d take Enright for a just an alt-right Three Percenter at least a former member of AP III % and Wolfpack III %. But scrolling through his Facebook posts, his neo-Nazi views quickly become apparent with endless posts of Nazi imagery. The pictures of himself alone are a dead giveaway with several selfies in front of his Celtic cross flag (a neo-Nazi staple) or him showing the tattoo of an eagle holding a Celtic cross inked on his stomach (the Celtic cross often used by white supremacists in place of a swastika as a reference to the Nazi Eagle). He’s a practitioner of the neo-Pagan religion Asatru, which is also linked to neo-Nazis, so his page is filled with heavy use of runic symbols often intermingling with his views like when he posted a picture of a little girl kissing a Sonnerad with the caption “teach them how to love their race”.

The most damning info though are memes identifying himself as a Nazi to racist memes suggesting white people are superior to black people. On October 28, 2017 he posted a video of British Nazi Oswald Mosley on his Brian Enreich page with a heart next to Mosley’s name as a caption and a meme on November 6, 2017 of Jesus telling Hitler to make Jews pay for his crucifixion. Then in a June 6, 2017 Facebook post on his Brian Enright III page, he blamed Germany’s loss in WW2 on “Zionist Jews” and wrote “I find it strange that Conservatives complain that they do not want sharia law, refugees, Islam, leftists, marxists, etc [sic] in the USA, but they somehow think that America saved Europe from Hitler and that Europe is better off today.”

“Hitler was cleaning up Europe for the European people to live in,” Enright wrote. “a leader like Hitler was what they needed then, and someone like him will be needed in the future if Europe is to have hope of driving out the liberal and Islamic scum that has invaded their countries…”

As a former OC resident, Enright’s been making his way out here from Mountain Center for alt-right events including at least one of Cadavid’s vigils, the July 22 rally in Huntington Beach and the Make Men Great Again event. Despite all of his posts, many members of OC’s alt-right are still friends with him on Facebook even on his secret accounts and comment on his posts regularly. Some even liked or commented on some of these posts showing members in the movement were aware of his views as far back as June. He’d also show up to events with a Defend America banner with the lambda symbol, used by white nationalists in the Identitarian movement and he held the banner in full display at Cadavid’s vigils while everyone posed for a group picture. We reached out to Enright for comment but he never responded.

Only time will tell if these associations will continue but when a Facebook user commented on the Red Elephants page “you have white supremacists in your movement,” a Red Elephants admin responded on June 26, 2017 “The left has communists in theirs. Do they kick them out? Nope.”

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