OCMVCD: ‘High Levels’ of West Nile Virus Activity in North OC

Photo: Centers for Disease Control

The Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District (OCMVCD) is still seeing “high levels” of West Nile Virus activity in North Orange County, the agency said Monday.

“OCMVCD routine tests of mosquito samples indicated additional WNV positive mosquito samples found in a 4 square mile area that includes portions of the cities of Anaheim (1 Sq. Mile), Buena Park (0.3 Sq. Miles), Cypress (0.77 Sq. Miles), and Stanton (1.88 Sq. Miles),” states a Sept. 23 OCMVCD news release. “The increase of WNV positive mosquito samples indicates an increased risk for residents to become infected with WNV through a mosquito bite.”

You can see the precise areas of concern on this map:

“In an effort to reduce the number of mosquitoes, interrupt virus transmission, and protect the public from mosquito-borne diseases, the OCMVCD will conduct truck-mounted ultra-low volume (ULV) applications in neighborhoods where the mosquitoes were trapped,” states the OCMVCD news release. “The treatment area will be from Orange Ave to Chapman Ave and Valley View Ave to Dale Street.”

This treatment is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, Sept. 25 and Thursday, Sept. 26, between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. each day. Residents wishing to see more on the treatment schedule can click on this link: https://www.ocvector.org/ground-based-adulticiding.

OCMVCD urges all residents to take the following precautions to reduce your chances of getting mosquito bites:

Dump and drain any containers filled with water at least once a week.

Clean and scrub bird baths and pet water bowls weekly.

Dump water from potted plant saucers.

Do not transport or share plant stems rooted in water.

Drill a hole or puncture containers to eliminate standing water.

West Nile Virus was first detected in Orange County in early August. So far, just one human case of the virus has been detected in the county this season, according to this report. Ninety-eight human cases have been reported in California so far this year.

Go to OCVector.org to learn more about the prevention of mosquito breeding.

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