OCDA Drops All Charges Against Nadia Davis Lockyer

Just one day after Nadia Davis Lockyer graced the cover of OC Weekly for Steve Lowery's excellent, in-depth profile of her, the Orange County District Attorney's office has dropped all charges against her stemming from her Sept. 2012 arrest for felony drug possession, being under the influence of drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia and child endangerment.

Nadia Lockyer tells the Weekly she appeared in court this morning before Judge Gerald Johnston. She expressed gratitude to prosecutors for allowing her to move forward with her life and said she felt “proud” to have reached a significant milestone in her recovery. “But mostly, I have a ton of gratitude for my family and the higher power,” she added.


The former Alameda County Supervisor and wife of Bill Lockyer could have faced significant jail time for the crime had she not managed to complete an addiction treatment program and kicked the methamphetamine habit that led to a notorious sex scandal and a looming divorce (the couple has since reunited and following Bill Lockyer's retirement from politics, lives together in Long Beach). It also led to her sister calling Santa Ana police two years ago and the discovery of a meth pipe in a room that she shared with her then nine-year-old son.

Deputy DA Andrew Katz tells the Weekly that because the drugs were found in a vitamin bottle under a hat in a closet, and that there was no evidence she had used drugs in the presence of her son, the child endangerment case was far less egregious than most ones his office prosecutes. He added that Lockyer would have been eligible to have the drug charges dismissed simply by completing 20 hours of drug treatment.

“But she wanted to rehabilitate herself and spent 10 months in residential rehab with 45 individual therapy sessions, 158 one-to-two hour group sessions, and following that, she spent four months in outpatient treatment with group therapy and a 10-session parenting class,” Katz says. “In addition there is no evidence of any violation of a protective order since the case started a year and a half ago. She has also reconciled with her husband, who is very supportive of this disposition,” he adds. “It seemed to be in the interest of justice to dismiss the child endangerment as well as the drug charges.

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