Occupy Protest to be Held on UC Irvine Campus

It looks like UC Irvine students are going to try their hand at the Occupy game once again with another protest. The Irvine contingent of Occupy Orange County has been Tweeting support  for the event, which is set to take place Wednesday at 11 a.m. on Ring Road, the main drag through campus.

Billed as a Teach-In & Student Rally, this will be the second Occupy-style action to take place on the campus. The last occurred on October 19, and by the Register's account, saw a less than stellar turnout.


​ Reg scribe Mark Eades reported the event was attended by about 40 people who stood in a circle and read from an Occupy Wall Street manifesto. 
Though modest when compared to the Santa Ana protesters who recently braved arrest or Irvine protesters tangling with the city council, one can hardly blame UCI students for being timid when it comes to expressing free speech–especially in lieu of the Irvine 11 conviction
The Occupy UCI Facebook page, made reference to the last event being announced hastily and made attempts to rally the troops once again with fiery rhetoric. “This is our generation's fight,” the page reads in all caps. “Don't let yourself grow up in a world that is actively working against you!”

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