Occupy Orange County's Irvine Protest Inspires Lefty Slogans

Though today's energetic, historic Occupy Orange County protest in Irvine generally tilted liberal, participants didn't all agree on the message they meant to deliver.

That's not surprising given that the diverse crowd of perhaps 1,000 people consisted of unapologetic Marxists, anti-communist advocates, Ron Paul Republican fans, mainstream Democrats, students, Lyndon LaRouche loyalists, union members, and Oath Keepers.

Here's a sampling of the messages carried on handmade placards, bumper stickers or t-shirts:

–Robin Hood was right.

–I'll believe corporations are people when Texas executes one.

–Stop corporate greed now!

–I don't have a lobbyist so I made this sign.

–Get big business out of government.

–Tax the rich!

–Communism isn't cool.

–Wake up! You are being entertained to death!

–We're not from the left; we're not from the right; we're from the bottom and we're coming for the top.

–Time for an American Spring.

–The only good investment banker is an investment banker in jail.

–What would Abraham, Martin and John do?

–Hang George Bush.

–Corporate money out of politics.

–Democracy is not a spectator sport.

–Tax corporations 100%

–True patriots pay their fair share!

–Corporations are not people.

–Rise up middle class!

–I'm a weed in the corporate lawn.

–Troops home now.

–Legalize 420.

–The corporations fear us.

–The young must now lead. We can't make it any worse.

–Make Wall Street pay.

–The 99% solution: Economic revolution!

–Save the American Dream.

–Vote Ron Paul for President.

–Ron Paul sucks.

–End the Fed.

–Wall Street fraud is a government sponsored enterprise.

–Demand Integrity.

–No oligarchy

–1% richer; 99% poorer; 100% unfair.

–Cut military spending now!

–Reclaim democracy!

–Hold Wall Street accountable.

–Separation of corporation and state.

–Stop tuition raises!

–Prosecute the money whores.

–People rise up!

–The silent majority is silent no more!

–Stop corporate welfare.

–You may say that I'm a believer, but I'm not the only one!

–Ban all political TV and radio ads; Get $ out of politics.

–Jesus is the only answer.

–Stop Fullerton police abuse. Justice for Kelly Thomas.

–Bank of America pays zero in taxes. How much do you pay?

–A bought government is not democracy.

–The People are too big to fail.

–R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

(rscottmoxley at ocweekly dot com)


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