OC Weekly Wants Your Photos: How Do You See Orange County?

Our readers who read our dead tree edition may be familiar with this thing we do called a Table of Contents. Ours is called “Inside”. It appears in the first few pages of the issue and has a list of all of our articles and regular columns on it and next to each headline is a number. Instead of clicking on the headline of the article you want to read (it's not touchscreen…yet), you find the number next to the article and flip to that corresponding page on a physical piece of paper in the issue. The best part? Your article loads instantly–even on the slowest of Internet connections–and you can repeat this process for hours without ever needing to recharge it. Pretty neat.


So anyway, that page, the Table of Contents, the “Inside”: we're updating it. We're currently in beta testing for a new 2.0 version of it. No, it still won't be touchscreen but it will be interactive with you, our gentle reader, as we're adding a space dedicated to our readers and the photos they take of our town. We want to offer up a spot for our readers to show off their photography, favorite restaurant, hell, even their selfie skills…all so long as it has to do with our fair county.

Here's where you come in: send us your best photos of Orange County, anything and everything in it, and we may feature it in our print table of contents section. We can't pay you in money (we're a free paper after all) but we can shower you with fame and glory and give you all the photo credit and street cred your heart desires.

Send your photos to our Web Editor at tahamby [at] ocweekly [dot] com or on Instagram by tagging @OCWeekly and adding #OCYouSee to the caption (but make sure your photos are visible to the public). Keep 'em coming as this will be a weekly thing. Email the largest size possible, please, so we can make sure your shower selfie will look as crisp as possible.

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