OC Weekly Reader Wins Plane Ticket for Winning “Guess Where?” So Many Times!

You might remember our interview earlier this year with Diana Hsue (now Lin, because she got married–congrats!), faithful SaFII reader who dominates our weekly “Guess Where?” contest. She has literally won every possible prize we have–tickets to movies, to plays, to OC Weekly events, my books, calendars, other books, EVERYTHING. In fact, she's won so many times that she's even declined to get a prize at times! When I asked her why she continued to play despite winning everything, Diana said she had “hopes that one
day I will receive some extraordinary prize in the mail…like tuition
for culinary school…dinner at The French Laundry or Alinea…or plane
tickets to go eat in Japan.”

That was in February. Diana has continued to dominate, so much that I challenged her: if you won enough times, we'd award her the next-best thing: a plane ticket on Southwest Airlines!

Well, guess who just earned herself the prize?

She was kind enough to not break our budget TOO much–the flight will be to San Jose. But take this as a sign that you, too, gentle reader, can win enough at “Guess Where” to get a plane ticket from your favorite infernal rag!

In fact, let's set the number of victories at “Guess Where?” for you to win a plane ticket via Southwest to ANYWHERE Southwest land in the contiguous U.S. at 10. Diana is way ahead of everyone else at (I think, because I lost track) 15; the next-closest competitor is either jmcguiness or 909jeff at 4, although others are close behind…

Congrats, Diana! And we'll buy you the plane ticket to Japan at victory 30! Which reminds me: time to bust out our latest Guess Where?…

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