OC Weekly Offers Reward for Info Leading to Arrest of Riot Monsters Who Destroyed Our Beloved HB News Box “Racky”

The OC Weekly hereby announces a reward for anyone who can provide us with information that'll lead to the arrest of the monsters who destroyed our news box during the Huntington Beach riots.

Its name was Racky. It served us for nearly 18 years. It had two days until its retirement. And it's now…gone. And while the Huntington Beach Police Department is busy arresting anyone and everyone who vandalized Surf City that day, they've yet to find the assholes who beat up on Racky again and again and again.


Here's the tape, starting at around 10:40. And I just noticed something: while the rioters knocked down the Orange County Register news box with ease, they heaped the most abuse on Racky–yet she never buckled under the pressure. Battered and bruised, but standing plain and tall–what a metaphor for journalism in Orange County!

And here's the main abuser. Recognize him? If you do, you can contact me at garellano at ocweekly dot com, or call us at (714) 550-5900. If your information leads to the arrest of this idiot, we'll give you $250, let you take over ¬°Ask a Mexican! for a week, give you a T-shirt, tickets to our awesome Decadence food free-for-all, write a story about you hailing you as OC's greatest civil-rights hero since the Bernals, get your picture in the paper (or, if you want to remain anonymous, get a picture in the paper of the person or business of your choice) AND get free OC Weeklys from the rack of your choice. FOR LIFE.

So what are you waiting for? Be a snitch for your favorite infernal rag! Operators are standing by–drunk, but standing by!

Email: ga*******@oc******.com. Twitter: @gustavoarellano.

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3 Replies to “OC Weekly Offers Reward for Info Leading to Arrest of Riot Monsters Who Destroyed Our Beloved HB News Box “Racky””

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