OC Weekly Found at Costa Mesa Murder Scene, Broadcast on TV in Worst Possible Cameo Ever

This past Thursday, I was investigating…something…when KCAL-TV Channel 9 began broadcasting a report on the grisly murder of John Gerard Kubat, a handyman bludgeoned to death in Costa Mesa by a homeless transient. The story gave the details of the case before switching to a ghastly shot of the murder scene, blood all over a fence. Also in the shot? An issue of our Summer Food Guide published a couple of weeks ago.



Not only did KCAL show one shot, it showed THREE in total, each lingering slightly longer than the last:


Man, newspapers are always looking for cameos on television–but not this kind. I have no idea how the newspaper got there–whether the victim or attacker was reading it before the murder occurred, whether the Weekly just randomly tumbled into the scene, whether someone placed it there as a sick joke–or why the Costa Mesa Police Department left the paper there…is it part of the active murder scene? But let's just say we ain't exactly hoping we get this sort of publicity again.

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