OC Weekly Changes to Facebook Commenting System; Here's the 10 Anon Commenters We'll Miss the Most

Most of ustedes have already noticed that we've switched our commenting system over from Livefyre to Facebook because…PROGRESS! All previous comments left over the years are safely stored away with the NSA, so don't you worry that all the fun you had over the years throwing non-sequitors at Moxley, Coker, and I are long gone.

Most of ustedes won't bat an eye at the change, given the Blue-and-White God is so ubiquitous in our lives. But we can't help but to shed a tear at the fact that truly anonymous comments will most likely not make the transition. In fact, some of our most loyal commenters–long hidden behind pseudonyms–are DEFINITELY not going to join in the fun for various reasons. So, in honor of those fanboys (and girls) who are probably not making the transition over, this listicle is for you.


In kinda particular order:

*sweetliberty1976: They have only been commenting for a least a year, but never failed to leave long, rambling letters about perceived lack of liberty. They'll surely return back to Alex Jones forums after this.

*fishwithoutbicycle: Along with 949girl, a favorite among Weekly staffers since she was one of the few reliable progressive anon commenters, and always politely hilarious. Her name is a reference to an old feminist saying, which the pathetic fanboys never tired of pointing out–and which fishonabicycle never tired of laughing off.

*949girl: Much like fishonabicycle. Sorry I can't say more, 949gal, except that you were always a delight.

*Vegandawg: I always suspected this commenter was the reincarnation of DiamongDog, a commenter we banned long ago for reasons I can't remember. But both had the same aggressively conservative outlook on life and particular hatred of Coker and I for reasons we never bothered to learn.

*downtownbrown: Purported SanTana resident who never met a Mexican they didn't automatically demean.

*That guy who used Francisco Franco as an avatar: 'Nuff said.

*Mitch Young: Our resident white supremacist commenter, who'd go on and on about how us coloreds ruined the Garden Grove of his 1970s youth and liked to boast that he loved Spaniards but hated Mexicans, Young was so notorious among our regulars that he acquired his own nickname among them: BITCH Young. HAHAHAHAHA!

*culichi67: The man who created the Bitch Young nickname. A proud Mexican as evidenced by his pseudonym (culichi refers to someone from the Sinaloan city of Culiacán–don't mess with them!). Absolutely despised Miguel Pulido and racist gabachos. Goes so far back with us that he used to have ANOTHER pseudonym, which I can't remember at the moment. Adiós, chingón

*20ftJesus: Not only does this guy have a great name, but he's been leaving comments with us almost from the beginning that we've been allowing reader's comments (since about 2007, I believe). He started off trolling me and hating the paper but matured from that into becoming a funny, thoughtful conservative voice who hates Larry Agran but loves what he did to make Irvine such a boring place–go figure!

*JBinOC: The greatest anonymous commenter of them all, if only because I've actually communicated with him via email. An East Coast transplant who first started exclusively commenting for our food blog, but then jumped into Navel Gazing. Easily the funniest of our anon commenters.

Gentle cabrones: We'll miss you all and hope your true selves pop up on Facebook and leave your joy anew. And for those of you anons who didn't make the cut: you didn't hate us lovingly enough–refry THAT!

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