OC Time Warner Customer Gets Year of Free Cable and Internet for Letter Calling Her “Cunt”

Surely Time Warner Cable operators are used to being called what appeared as the first name on a letter Orange County customer Esperanza Martinez received from the company.

It rhymes with “cunt.”

Check that: it is cunt.


It's a mystery wrapped in an envelope, as ars technica's Jon Brodkin reports. The letter on Time Warner Cable (TWC) letterhead begins, “Dear Cunt Martinez: We know you recently decided to cancel your services.”

“It is a letter stating I requested to disconnect my service, which I never did,” Martinez told Brodkin in an email. “I have escalated the issue to Time Warner Cable's Corporate customer service, and was told I will receive a 'follow up' call within 48 hours. The only information they could provide was that the name change was made on 2/12/15, which happens to be the same day I used their 'live chat' feature online and called in and spoke to a representative regarding an issue with my cable box. I was not upset even when they could not resolve my issue and had to send a technician out. I have no idea why a TWC employee would do this and risk losing their job. It shows what type of companies TWC and Comcast are by the people they hire to represent them.”

Time Warner Cable admitted to the reporter that one of its representatives, who worked for third-party vendor, changed Martinez's first name to “Cunt” in the cable company's computer system. The TWC agreement with the vendor has been terminated and a TWC official personally apologized to Martinez, the company added.

Martinez confirmed someone from TWC “sincerely apologized” to her, informed her systems are now in place to prevent that from happening to another customer and offered her a year of year of cable and Internet service at no charge.

Wait … what?

Dear TWC:

I could really use the free year of Interwebs.


Cunt Coker

The full letter is on the next page …

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