OC Summers Dos and Don'ts for 2015

The change to summer in Southern California isn't all that exciting. We just go from our normally scheduled, nearly perfect weather to being hot as balls every damn day. Hooray! Yet even we cannot escape the cultural mood shift the rest of the country (hell, even Northern California) experiences when it's officially summertime. We have to suddenly be stoked to go outside at nighttime, wear swimsuits and ride bikes to the beach—even though there's not much to stop us from doing that on any given day of the year.

But it's kind of fun to think as if we're in high school again, when summer meant something. Here's the do's and dont's of summer:

DO wear sunscreen. The sun is closer and harsher in the summer. Protect your skin and encourage the men in your life to do the same.

DON'T spray tan. It doesn't matter how much money you spend or where you go. You can exfoliate and moisturize for days, but there will still be an orange streak on your shinbone. Embrace the color you are because you look lovely that way.

DO carry a reusable water bottle. Hydration is the key to bearing the heat and giving yourself a healthy glow. It's also extremely handy when you want to sneak a cold beer on the beach.

DON'T use any of these lame-o hashtags:

#beachvibes: What are beach vibes? Is the beach giving me vibes? Or am I giving you beach vibes?

#summerbody: If you're getting in shape, then kudos to you for being healthy and feeling good! But if you're throwing out #summerbody, then it's most likely accompanied by a pic of you in a bathing suit or pulling up your shirt, and that's the annoying part. People should feel empowered and comfortable in their own skin. But, for the most part, the people who actually feel that way don't have to prove it online. Your #summerbody will be all the more impressive if you don't desperately want people to notice it.

#summertime: If you're visiting or from the East Coast, then yes, by all means, rejoice in the wonderful heat and fun of summer. But if you're from here, see introductory paragraph.

DO learn to make a damn fine summer cocktail. Drinking a delicious, frosty cocktail in the hot, hot heat is so satisfying. We recommend something with fresh watermelon or honeydew juice. Let natural fruit juices be your sweetener, as sugary drinks aren't very refreshing.

DON'T put down a Slip'N Slide. I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW, such a downer. I'M SORRY. But there is a real drought, and constantly running water so you can slide down some rubber isn't a good enough reason to be wasting precious resources. Besides, most of the time, Slip'N Slides just hurt.

DO visit the OC Fair. It can be hard to rationalize spending nearly the same amount of money as a Disneyland ticket on a regular ol' county fair. But it is pretty fun and a part of our shared experience. Rich or poor, Mexican or gabacho, we've all gone to the OC Fair at some point.

DO see a movie outside. You can find a movie screening under the stars almost any week during the summer. Check out your community center, the Factory in Santa Ana (thefactoryand.co), Newport Dunes (www.newportdunes.com) or the créme de la créme of outdoor movie screenings, Cinespia at Hollywood Forever Cemetery (cinespia.org). Not in OC, but it's worth the drive at least once.

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