OC Speakly Podcast, Episode 11: How Does Orange County Relate to Dr. Martin Luther King?

Welcome to episode eleven of OC Speakly. On this week’s episode, we discuss Martin Luther King, Jr. and his time spent in Orange County. We excerpt audio from two speeches made here: 55 years ago, MLK gave a speech at Chapman University, and 49 years ago he gave a speech in Anaheim 19 days before his assassination. Gabriel San Román discusses Dr. King’s words and Gustavo talks with music editor Nate Jackson about growing up black in Orange County. We also stop at Alebrije’s Grill, the pink lonchera in SanTana, for our food review. Enjoy!

Show notes:

Where the Black People At?
(OC Weekly Volume 18, Number 40)

Of the top 25 metropolitan areas in the US, Orange County is the only one with an African-American population of less than 5% (2.1% to be exact)

UC Irvine Cafeteria Sells Chicken and Waffles for Martin Luther King Day

An Incomplete, Embarrassing Timeline of Anti-Black Moments in Orange County

OC’s Oldest African-American’s (103 Years!) Secret for Long Life: “Soul Food and Hard Work”

Martin Luther King, Jr. speech excerpt #1 recorded at Chapman University, December 10, 1961, recorded by Chapman professor Don Booth

Martin Luther King, Jr. speech excerpt #2 recorded at a luncheon at the Anaheim Convention Center with the California Democratic Council, March 16, 1968 (6 minute excerpt)

Interview with Gabriel San Román:

Food Taco Truck – Alibrijes (“The Pink Taco Truck”)

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