OC Speakly, Episode 7: Your 2016 Orange County Xmas Shopping Guide!

Welcome to episode 07 of OC Speakly. This week we talk about Christmas. Trendzilla columnist and calendar editor Aimee Murillo talks with Gustavo about holiday trends and gifts and why you should be buying indie and DIY. Aimee also talk with Bittersqueaks about her squeaky toys. Also, win a $25 gift card to Naugles with our trivia question, and if you are looking for something more substantial, we review 320 Main in Seal Beach. As usual, subscribe to our podcast on iTunes and follow us on Twitter @ocspeakly. Enjoy, gentle cabrones!Enjoy!

Show notes:

Interview with Kate Heart aka Bittersqueak

Trivia question

$25 gift card to Naugles on the line

Email: ga*******@oc******.com

Restaurant review – 320 Main in Seal Beach

Leave a message on our Hater Hotline: 714-550-5984


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