OC Sighs as the Only Illegal Things Border Patrol Finds in Car's Trunk are 230 Pounds of Weed

Missed this one earlier, but U.S. Border Patrol agents earlier this week seized 230 pounds of marijuana stashed in the
trunk of a sedan at a San Clemente rest stop.

A Border Patrol agent patrolling the area along the 5 freeway Tuesday morning apparently spotted the male driver acting suspiciously and went to investigate.

After the trunk of the man's car was popped, 46 tightly wrapped and neatly stacked packages were found inside.

According to the Border Patrol, the packages held 230 pounds of pot with an estimated street value of $115,000.

The driver and sole occupant of the car was a 28-year-old Chula Vista man who was not identified, but he was arrested and turned over to the Drug Enforcement Agency.

As the car contained no immigrants being smuggled into the States, no one in Orange County gave a rat's ass.

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