OC Register To Debut Sunday Magazine–And We're Not Talking Parade or The Mini Page

Either the Orange County Register is reinventing itself as a magnificent daily, or they're taking one final, glorious charge toward doom in the name of great journalism.

We've previously talked about new owner Aaron Kushner's ambitious plans to redefine OC's sole daily by rehiring a bunch of positions that previous administrators stupidly laid off–but that was talk. Kushner is now taking action–as we broke last week, they hired a big-name food critic, and now we can report what's going to be their rumored weekly magazine: not a Weekly wannabe ala their late, non-lamented disaster known as Squeeze OC or their Reg rehash called the OC Post, endeavors (in which they spent more money than the Weekly's budget for its entire life), but a serious Sunday magazine. And no, Parade and The Mini Page aren't the template they're using.

No one at Grand Street officially talks to us, but that's okay because many folks talk anonymously, so what they're telling us is that it'll be a magazine in the style of The New York Times Magazine, although a tad fluffier (think Orange Coast's mix of great journalism and filler for MILFs) and focused on Orange County. “We are starting a weekly newspaper magazine,” reads the pitch from an ad looking for a magazine writer. “Your writing must be as wondrous as that idea.”

And on top of that, they're hiring an editor for the magazine. WHOA…

No word yet on a name, or when it'll start, but we definitely wish it well–just PLEASE hire people who know OC, and not some pendejo.

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