OC Register Parterning with Nonprofits to Sell Year-Long Sunday Subscriptions for 10 Cents

First, the Orange County Register offered Latinos a two-year subscription for the Sunday edition for $2. Then, as we reported last week, they offered the same subscription to Catholics for a buck. Now comes word that over the holidays, the Reg partnered with local nonprofits for a fundraiser: the non-profits tried to sell subscriptions on behalf of the paper to their followers.

The most recent deal? The Sunday paper for 10 cents. A dime.


Owner Aaron Kushner must really be desperate for subscribers to keep lowering and lowering those Sunday subscription offers in order to misleadingly bump up his circulation and subscription figures so he can then go to advertisers and say look, Ma–readers!

What's next–Kushner giving out the paper for free? How low can Kushner go?

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