OC Pot University Claims Big Boost in Enrollment

Rancho Santa Margarita's God's Green Earth College Online (GECCO), which provides classes on growing marijuana and operating a successful collective, is apparently enjoying a major spike in enrollment. The college put out a press release today boasting that the school is well on its way to “becoming the largest and most trusted online source of cannabis education.”

You may remember that GGECO just recently began offering classes in Spanish. That could certainly account for the rise in enrollment. Or perhaps, as the school's press release notes, the boost has something to do with the recent release of the film How Weed Won the West on Netflix. The movie, directed by Kevin Booth and originally released in 2009, features the school, which will also be mentioned in Booth's next movie, American Drug War II, scheduled to be released in 2012.

Or maybe GGECO is attracting lots of students because the school provides lessons on how to grow pot, and then make money providing it to people, money that you can use to . . . grow more pot!

Just a theory, though . . .

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