OC People 2015: 30 Profiles for 20 Years!

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of your infernal rag, and we plan to celebrate it with a commemorative edition later this summer. I bring this up because as I go through the final layouts for the third installment of our People Issue, it's just wonderful to see how much Orange County has changed in that time. If we had done a People Issue 20 years ago, the fine folks we profiled would've looked far different: whiter, younger, skewing more toward that era's hip factories of Costa Mesa and Huntington Beach than anywhere else (not that there's anything wrong with that!).


But I'm proud to say that the 30 profiles we have here is as representative a document of modern OC as any ever created: white, Latino, Asian, LGBT, (dis)abled. High society, b-boy culture. All age groups. North County, South County, the coast, the canyons. Even a Weekling gone big-time (congrats, Allison!) And, of course, the one thing that connects the OC of 1995 to the present day remains: our coverage of amazing, talented people pushing Orange County out of the Stone Age and into one of the best places in America. So here's 30 for 20, and for many more to come…

To read all of our OC People 2015 profiles, click here!

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