OC Music Awards Sold Out! Who Will the Secret Guest Be?

The culmination of the 2011 OC Music Awards, to be held at the City National Grove of Anaheim, is almost upon us. (Read Brandon Ferguson's story about how the awards show has evolved through the years here.)
For the first time in 10 years, the event is sold out.
The venue has a 1,350 capacity; according to director Ashley Eckenweiler, “We didn't expect it to go that fast! We reach close to capacity each year . . . but it just flew in so many directions this time. This is certainly the fullest the event has ever been.”

About that “very special guest”–Eckenweiler won't give us any clues, but she will say this: “I don't know if it will be someone that everyone can guess, but it's definitely an OC artist.”

Because of all the rumors floating around (we heard that No Doubt
was going to play, even!), Eckenweiler said having a surprise guest
might be something they'll do every year to drive anticipation for the awards night.

So, in lieu of clues, Eckenweiler gave us two newsy bits: The Steelwells are adding a bunch of musicians to their lineup (two guest vocalists, a cellist and two trumpet players), and she thinks it will be a treat to see Josh Stone and Nancy Sanchez perform together.

Who do you think the surprise guest is going to be?

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