OC Music Awards 2012 Nominees Announced: How the Process Works

Yesterday we talked to the OC Music Awards about claims that the nomination process isn't exactly transparent, with some OC Music Awards Academy members also nominated as musicians in various categories (see more after the jump.)
Today I got an email from Weekly reader Nathan Hoffmann, asking about the OC Music Awards nomination process. In his email, he says, “The problem is when I went to research how this was done of course its a panel of promoters, venue owners, music critics etc. That's all fair, except on closer examination two groups nominated this year, I and I  and Speach Impediments are on a record label AcroplisRPM, owned by panel member Daniel Park. Now if this is not a conflict of interest, then I don't know what is.”

Again we asked OC Music Awards head honcho Ashley Eckenweiler to comment on this, and here's what she has to say:  “Speaking further to my initial response, we asked those directly involved with musicians to not nominate the artists that they are directly working with as a member of the Academy. Our entire Academy is involved in the music industry. Multiple members are affiliated with local record labels. They are on the Academy because they have a knowledge of the local music scene in OC.”


Original post, Jan 3, 3:59 p.m.: Speaking of the OC Music Awards, the Awards Academy released the 2012 OC Music Awards nominees today. Musicians were nominated in 21 Academy-selected categories, such as Best Album, Best Song, Best New Artist and more.

That there are more than a few nominees from the 2011 list on this year's selection is expected. Some are understandable (Thrice put out a great album this year, and Young the Giant definitely established themselves as a brand in 2011); others, not so much. (C'mon. BLOK again? Aren't there any other hip-hop acts from OC?) And aside from newcomers Jeramiah Red, I don't see a lot of new names spanning the categories. (See the whole list after the jump.)

A few people have questioned the fact that a few Academy members were also on the nominee list. Danny Mihai, AKA DJ Thrifty Lips (who is a talent buyer for the Continental Room) and Robert McLaughlin (aka DJ Bobby Soul) of Boogaloo Assassins were nominated for Best DJ and Best Latin, respectively.

Ashley Eckenweiler, who heads the OC Music Awards, says this doesn't damage the award body's credibility: “Academy members that are also musicians were asked to not nominate themselves upon joining the Academy,” she says. “No one has yet to excuse themselves for any reason.”

According to the press release, the Outstanding Achievement Awards for OC Impact and Lifetime Achievement will be announced the February 1. The Best Live Band and Best Live Acoustic Showcase Series finalists will be announced after the last Showcase on February 15. The People's Choice Award nominees will be announced on Monday, February 27.

(You can cast your FARMER JOHN FAN VOTE for your favorite Showcase artist to help them advance to their category Finals, and vote online for your favorite band in Orange County to receive the People's Choice Award.)

2012 OC Music Awards Nominees
(Nominees listed in alphabetical order per category)

Best Album
The Aquabats – Hi-Five Soup!
Jeramiah Red – Ghost Tracks from the Getty
Social Distortion – Hard Times And Nursery Rhymes
Thrice – Major/Minor
Young The Giant – Young The Giant

Best Song
DJ Tempo – “June Serenadez” featuring Ashley Morphew
Jeramiah Red – “Can't Help Myself”
Kiev – “Loot Recovered”
Thrice – “Promises”
Young The Giant – “Cough Syrup”

Best New Artist
Ethan Hulse
Golden Afternoon
Jeramiah Red
Portrait of a Nightmare
The Ultimate Bearhug

Best Alternative
Jack's Mannequin
Railroad to Alaska
Young The Giant

Best Blues
Jeramiah Red
Parker Macy Blues
Robert Jon & the Wreck
Roman Alexander & The Robbery

Best DJ
DJ Bobby Soul
DJ Oldboy
DJ Tempo
DJ Thrifty Lips
Kedd Cook

Best Country/Americana
Big Sandy & the Fly-Rite Boys
Billy Kernkamp
Falling Stars
Jeramiah Red
Nicole Vaughn

Best Electronic
Electric Valentine
Free the Robots
Speaker Junkies

Best Folk
Ethan Hulse
Field Trip
I Hate You Just Kidding
Micah Brown
The Ultimate Bearhug

Best Hip Hop
Cirious and Deelux
Speach Impediments

Best Indie
The Devious Means
The Gromble
The Steelwells
Young the Giant

Best Jazz
Chris Williams
Evan Stone
Nancy Sanchez
Ron Kobayashi
Tony Guerrero

Best Latin
Boogaloo Assassins
Nancy Sanchez
The Latin Jazz Syndicate

Best Metal
Anna Vexa
Avenged Sevenfold
Bleeding Through
Death By Stereo
Railroad to Alaska

Best Pop
Amanda Lamb
The Aquabats
Ethan Hulse
Stacy Clark

Best Punk
Death Hymn Number 9
The Adolescents
The Gospels

Best Rock
Echo Echo
Jeramiah Red
Young The Giant

Best Surf
Alejandor Awesome Surf Band
Death Hymn Number 9
Hindu Pirates
The Growlers

Best World
80 Proof
Craic Haus
Dirty Heads
Reel Big Fish

Best Music Video
Blok – Jungle Dog Fang Hell
Red9 – Fanatico
Red Devil Squadron – Bobcat Wrangler
Semi Sweet – Chemicals Corrected
Young The Giant – Cough Syrup

Best Youth
McKenzie Brandon
Ugly Paint
Un D Vided

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