OC Japan Fair Starts Today at OC Fair N Event Center

Right about now, you're having deep-fried food withdrawals. Right about now, you're missing the OC Fair. Right about now, you yearn for things served on sticks, cold beer in plastic cups, and the outdoor vendors who would serve them.

If you are, then you're in luck. How about all of this, in the same place you'd been for the OC Fair, but also with ramen, takoyaki and sushi? OC Japan Fair 2015 has all of it and starts today and through the weekend. Among the many food vendors, Daikokuya will be serving ramen and GAJA will be making okonomiyaki.


Admission is a measly $5 (Parking is $7). And if you're wondering whether this fair can fulfill deep-fried food and stick-based treat requirement I mentioned earlier: there's Kushi Tsuru, which specializes in deep-fried skewers–just the kind of thing you've been missing.

For more details, check out their website, and this map.

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