OC High Schoolers Sieg Heil Over Swastika Beer Pong

Beer Pong Putsch? Snapchat screenshot

Stay classy, OC!

Local high school students at a recent house party arranged a “rage cage” in the shape of a swastika for a beer pong drinking game, but with Snapchat screenshots of the stupid stunt making the rounds this morning, many folks are expressing outrage! (The teens did “Nazi” see that coming!) In one of the screenshots, they did their best Hitler youth impression by posing around the table with the red cup swastika and while giving the Sieg Heil salute.

Party goers in the now infamous social media snaps have been accused of being Newport Harbor and Costa Mesa High School students. Both campuses belong to the Newport Mesa Unified School District and when reached for comment by the Weekly, district officials didn’t deny it.

“We were recently made aware of social media postings involving some students who created inappropriate anti-semitic symbols, and possible underage drinking,” says Adriana Angulo, a district spokeswoman for Newport Mesa Unified. “While these actions did not occur on any school campus or school function, we condemn all acts of anti-semitism and hate in all their forms.”

Some of the party goers responded to the social media backlash. “I’m deleting social media because I can’t take the criticism for posting one photo,” a girl tweeted. “I did not intend to make anyone upset. It got blown out of proportion.” Another teen offered an apology of sorts over Twitter. “We thought of this as a joke because in out [sic] heads we don’t think of it as a big deal but when it gets blown up like this it makes us think and we realize it was terrible and we apologize.”

Despite the professed remorse, the same student only dug himself in deeper by responding, “To us it’s like the “n” word where it doesn’t mean slavery it’s a way to address people and now the holocaust is the new n word and it’s sad but it’s the truth.”

Um, no. Expressions of remorse aside, the district pledges to take action.

“We continue to gather information regarding the conduct of these students and work with law enforcement,” Angulo adds. “We remain focused on educating students on all aspects of life’s challenges and are committed to holding students accountable, educating them on the consequences of their choices, and the impact these actions have on our schools and community at large. We are asking that parents please partner with us in helping students make good decisions, be respectful of others, and to always use good judgment.”

The controversy even reached the House of Representatives with OC congresswoman Katie Porter (CA-45) issuing a strong statement in response.

“I condemn the devastating and shocking anti-Semitism on display by local students this weekend,” Porter’s statement reads. “The use of such a harmful symbol, which represents the genocide of the Jewish people, is an act of aggression and hate that has no place in our vibrant, diverse and welcoming community. I call on local parents and community leaders to redouble our efforts to educate these young people about the oppression of, and violence against, Jewish people worldwide, and ensure that acts like these never happen again.”

As far as Newport Harbor goes, racial tensions on campus simmered over the presidential campaign of Donald Trump in 2016. Administrators originally barred students from wearing “Dump Trump” shirts to school before allowing them. Other students scrawled pro-Trump and xenophobic messages on walls. Orange County Human Relations, through its Bridges program, sought to diffuse tensions and are on hand to help with the current swastika controversy.

“Definitely, we were made aware of this from multiple sources throughout the day today,” Alison Edwards, CEO of OC Human Relations, tells the Weekly. “We will offer our support to the schools involved to help address this as needed on campus. It would be my hope that this is an opportunity for these communities to come out and show their support for a safe and inclusive community where all people are welcomed and images and actions like this are not acceptable.”

An annual hate crimes report put out by the human relations commission last year noted antisemitic hate crimes, including swastika vandalism incidents, rose significantly in 2017.

Updated with Porter’s statement. 

79 Replies to “OC High Schoolers Sieg Heil Over Swastika Beer Pong”

  1. https://ocweekly.com/author/gsanroman/

    Inform your extremely ignorant reporter that it’s not funny to make this kind of a joke out of such a serious story!?

    “The teens did “Nazi” see that coming!”

    The aforementioned is from his story and an attempt to make a joke/pun out of this horrific happening.

      1. Not a snap quote. But some of the teens involved tweeted their exasperation about how this stunt supposedly got blown out of proportion. Those I did quote.

        And then I ridiculed them for how absolutely clueless they showed themselves to be. But hey, folks can stay mad at a pun made at their expense and not at anyone else if they want to!

        1. ? The tallest OC Mexican, eh???

          At 5’ 0” I am the tallest female on my momma’s side! ???

          PS: I had already seen the “Nazi see that coming” pun and cracked up!????
          From an old school teacher, I like your writing❣️
          Mrs. Lawson?

          1. Gabriel, I get that you thought the nazi pun might be considered funny. But as someone who is Jewish, I find this all horrifying and terrifying, and not at all humorous. I don’t think it was appropriate that you made a joke using that word and would be grateful if you would amend your article so as to ensure no one thinks that you are making light of this very serious matter.

          2. I am very sorry, but 90% of people in
            Orange County. California who say they are “Mexican” are not. I lived in Morelia, Uruapan & Acuizeramo, Michoacan & Tuxla Guitierrez, Chiapas for many years .
            The “former” Mexicans here in the real
            Orange County realize this & rapidly assimilate & become Duke or UNC fans.
            So happy I escaped to the Durham Forest.

          3. You’re sick. The fact that you find anything funny regarding this situation disgusts me. Grow up and learn millions of people’s lives were taken by the horrific human beings under this symbol. Grow up.

    1. Wow, this idiot seems pulled from the pages of the OC Register! If he had ever read OC Weekly, he’d know that the paper has been THE voice to fight against hate in Orange County–and part of that fight is to ridicule racists as much as possible. Stop clutching your pearls, John, and LAUGH.

    2. I think the juxtaposition of the joke and the event fit well together. The joke is on the kids, not anyone else. Lighten up

  2. Demand expulsion for all students. For once students should realize their are consequences for their actions.

  3. Oh for fuck sake. Give it a rest. These were minors being naughty. The only victims were the snowflakes desperate to be offended.

    1. Out of curiosity, Chad, were any of your relatives gassed to death by some of those nice Nazis? No? Didn’t think so. Ignorant racist.

    2. With anti Semitic crimes on the rise we can’t just ignore a stupid mistake. Never once when I did beer pong did my friends and I think. Let’s make it a swastika and then seig hell it

  4. Imagine getting upset over someting so trivial.

    But hey, what do I know. Maybe this will actually lead to another holocaust…

  5. My personal views aside, I’m curious how this school district can enforce any type of disciplinary action against any of these students while they were NOT on school property and NOT taking part in a school function. Furthermore, are Minors NOT entitled to Freedom of Speech? I think the only enforceable offense by the community police may be Underage Drinking (if they can prove it). (smdh)

    1. You think that’s what even one these vicious, ignorant morons was thinking when they pulled this low life stunt? “Oh, let’s excercise our freedom of speech”? And why is it that whenever freedom of speech is evoked these days it’s always for some nasty c**p like this? Let’s see if their freedom of speech stretches to them showing their faces and let’s see how well they handle the consequences of freedom of speech. As to their parents – great job on the child rearing front. PS The pictured cups full of beer is going to be a big help with any Underage Drinking charge. Interesting and revealing what you choose to see and what you’re determined to be blind to Jessica.

      1. Oh come on. I’m tired of this liberal crap. No body got hurt and it wasn’t threatening. It’s teens drinking. Stop making a big deal out of everything. Live your life, stop worrying about nonsense. These silly little games have been going on forever. Only difference is now everyone has video. Unless you were there, you can’t judge what their intent was. Loosen up – worry about things that matter…

        1. They should take gutless people like you and these punks up to South Central to play their “silly little games that have been going on forever.” And after you and the teens p*ss and soil your pants because you got your a***s whipped because others didn’t like your idea of a “silly little game” take your lame “OC living in a bubble” pathetic selves to the Museum of Tolerance.
          The difference between STUPIDITY and genius is that Genius has it limits. TJ, You will stay forever stupid….YOU AND YOUR ILK ARE JUST PART OF THE MAJOR PROBLEMS WE HAVE TODAY. UNFORTUNALEY, PEOPLE DIED TO GIVE MORONS LIKE YOU THE RIGHT TO BREATH AND BE STUPID.

        2. This has nothing to do with being liberal or conservative. It has to do with acting like a human being and recognizing others as human beings. Perhaps if someone in your family had been a victim of a genocide your comment about might have been a little different. Or maybe you don’t believe there ever was a genocide (you know, the “holohoax ” thing) – in which case you may want to take your diaper off your head and get yourself a real education.

    2. Doing disgusting things off campus qualifies for punishment . Sad this is what we raise – kids devoid of knowledge or conscience

    3. Freedom of speech? You can screw right the hell off Jessica. We see you for what you are… a bigot who makes excuses for little entitled asshats like these. You are an awful human being.

    4. The school could expel them if they wanted perhaps. Many major universities have and would expel students over this behavior – whether it happened on campus or not.

    5. Most schools have an honor code/ code of conduct that all students are expected to follow. If a student is caught violating said code of conduct during school or outside of school the student can be punished. Minor’s rights are kind of a mixed bag. For example when I was 18 I suffered from some medical problems at school. Despite not being a minor I was forced by the heady county school nurse to go to the hospital via ambulance. I had already spoken to my parents at the time and told them that I was going to go home. I had been in and out of the hospital three times over a two week period and was told that there was nothing that the hospital could do.

      In that instance despite not even being a minor I was still given no rights. Since I was a student of the school all of my rights which normally would belong to my parent were transferred to the school.

      For something such as this though where it happened outside of school hours the school can probably punish them as a by product of the code of ethics.

    6. Legally, you are correct. These knocklehead kids have the constitutional right to be knuckleheads, or racists, or anything else. Does that mean they should be?

  6. “Did nazi that coming”

    You think this is a cute joke? You’re not better than those moronic students.

  7. Stay classy? That’s the opening to a hateful act? Is that what this is to you? A prank? This story does a disservice to the acts that occurred.

    1. Since you’re curious, it’s usually our closer to stories like this. But the pendejadas exhibited by the students here moved it right to the top. Not that you actually wanted an explanation on why we’ve ridiculed racists since ’95.

  8. The journalist who wrote these jokes into this the ‘did nazi see that coming’ needs to be shown the door for these insensitive cracks. what a fool.

  9. Salty beans make for a salty beaner. The so-called journalist and fraud historian is nothing more than a Stazi stooge from the Turd World.

  10. Who’s surprised?
    Let me tell these white protestant teenagers something. I lived with your kind for 15 years. You’re boring people. Your parents are materialistic graspers that don’t love you. You don’t love each other. You do a lot of drugs, you steal from each other. Your girls act like hookers, your boys act like thugs. Your lives are wastelands. And you don’t like jews. Why would a culture like yours appreciate the contributions Jewish people have made to our world. I’m an irish catholic, and if i see you on the street making some rude remark i will punch you in the face.

  11. Rich ignorant sheltered kids acting like idiots, nothing much more to see here probably, although I’m sure some in this incredibly diverse group spew some xenophobia to be edgy.

    Posts like this also follow people around to college and job interviews. These pictures are forever.

  12. Your article is written in very poor taste. Jokes about Heil (meaning to poke fun instead of using hell and “the kids Nazi that coming). You and your editor should be fired.

    1. Good grief! Care to tell me why neo-Nazis in Huntington Beach get their pickles tickled over “Heil” avenue in the city?

  13. These kids represent the tone of the community. Let that sink in… this does not happen in a vacuum. Parents teach their children to hate. And for teh life of me I cannot imagine living in such a hate-filled place as OC.

  14. This does not come as a surprise what I’m having a issue with that it still continues, I went to Costa Mesa High in the early 80s had gone to house party’s that the parents had displayed this same ignorant thinking the student would even dress in green military style clothes with the boots and coats patches covered or removed. Two partys i had gone to parents had rooms dedicated to anti semantic memobila hanging o the walls, the two students had a massive amount of patches metals bayonets . I can remember time seeing these two student marching and saluting. Thinking back on it now i hope these individuals have had enough seance to denounce this type of thinking. I’m sad that I myself did not have enough sence to say somthing back then.for that I’m sorry . Robert Gifford

  15. I don’t know who’s worse here: the wannabe Nazis whose ancestors probably died fighting the REAL Nazis, or the SJWs whining about the tone of the story. Both of them should get a room and choke on their respective stupidity

  16. To make a pun like “the teens did ‘Nazi’ that coming” is, at best, tone deaf and in poor taste and, at worst, a passive normalization if the behavior in the same vein as the teens’ actions. Be better than this.

  17. Not once did the article mention that the high schoolers were drinking underage. How did they get home? How many drunk high schoolers were driving that night? You know, things that will truly ruin people’s lives in 2019.

    Yes, they should have known that the Nazi thing was a stupid idea, but I don’t really expect much common sense from that she group. I’m quite certain that none of these knuckleheads have much knowledge regarding WWII. Not an excuse but probably the reality of the situation.

  18. It’s so funny how certain people like to pick & choose when “Freedom of speech” applies. Remember to give that same courtesy to others when they exercise their own freedom by kneeling during the national anthem. I can only imagine how different the tone would be if the tables were turned and this was a group of Middle Eastern, Black, or Latino teens.

  19. Let’s be honest those kids did nothing wrong and that’s funny. It’s just a joke don’t let your feelings get hurt so easily.

  20. The Nazi joke that the author made is totally inappropriate. Even though the article is ridiculing the students, making an offensive “joke” like that is unprofessional and enables anti-Semitic acts and jokes.

  21. Naive, insensitive, privileged teens getting wasted as they “salute” their swastika made of full beer cups at their weekend shindig meant no harm. Apologizing now & admitting to being an ignorant turd who needs a lot more education might spare you from being asked to resign years from now when you are a Governor, a Judge or Vice President of your Bowling Club. Poor decisions have consequences, and they loom large for those who fail to acknowledge their mistakes.

  22. Hey, they are just uninformed, they aren’t criminals. They aren’t out spray painting buildings and signs, or doing drive by shootings, or carrying guns, or robbing people, or stealing, or taking over parks and intimidating neighbors and children. Clean up your own house Gabe, you fucking Puto! White kids from Newport are not a problem, they are just dumb, and under informed. On the other hand, can you say that about Brown kids in Santa Ana, or Stanton, or Anaheim? Fuck no you can’t! Does that shit happen in Irvine? Hell No! Why? a lack of people who come from “shithole countries”, Like Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador! And you know, they happen to be brown, but that isn’t why they act like predatory animals, they do it because they come from corrupt shitholes in central and south america where these uneducated Paisas learn how to cheat and steal and victimize weaker people, while their parents struggle to keep them fed. Tackle that problem you musty little chicken fucker, Gabriel!

  23. This brings up a lot of different thoughts in my head. I’m no longer close enough to the age of the teens and instead have a 2 year old, and the first thing I thought was,”I don’t want my kid to go to Newport Harbor or Costa Mesa”. Academically, I’m sure they are great schools, but socially, it feels suffocating to me to go somewhere that has a lot of insufferable, entitled rich kids. I’m not even talking about race, I’m just talking about being in a bubble of nice cars, nice homes, talking and focusing on material wealth at that age is (to me) is really damaging to the psyche. It also feels unimaginative- I want a school where kids do different things, and even though I surf and like surfing a lot, I wouldn’t want to go to a school where that’s the only focus – surfing and “cool” sports like lax and water polo. Diversity doesn’t just mean ethnicity- it’s diversity of thought, of mindsets, of backgrounds. The second thing I thought was, man, I hope my kid grows up to know better than to think arranging cups into a swastika and saluting some past foreign brutal and murderous empire was “funny and irreverent” and totally NBD. Like, how do I raise a sensitive kid? And how does one teach that kid that “sensitive” doesn’t mean “weak, worthless, spineless, overly nitpicky, etc”? That you can be sensitive and still have a sense of humor, still have fun without being a bully or meanspirited. I think my biggest goal is to teach my kid that courage is not heroic acts- it’s quietly taking care of yourself and those around you- without regard to who they are and where they come from. I think you just do your best to raise kids who can share their feelings and emotions without invalidating them, and letting them explore and learn and also guiding them away from insanely idiotic Youtube stars that think they are funny and edgy but are mostly ill-informed and like the sound of their own voice.

  24. I am against underage drinking of course, but it’s the students freedom of speech to play such games if they want to. If Communists and Antifa did a Hammer-and-Sickle or Satanists an inverted Pentagram beer pong game, the media wouldn’t care, and hardly anyone would know about it. Didn’t Communism in the 20th century kill at least 100 million people worldwide? Yet, people “tolerate” the sight of a Hammer-and-Sickle, but not a Swastika? What’s next, people calling Hindus, Buddhists and Shintoists “haters” for using the ancient Swastika symbol? People don’t do that because the vast practicers of those religions aren’t White. But if White people use a Swastika, they’re immediately labeled “Notsees” and vilified. Why the hatred and hypocrisy?

  25. Ursula, please don’t make the mistake of converting yourself into one of them – it would give them the ultimate victory. They are not worth another minute of your time.

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