OC GOP Gals Deny White Privilege in New Chelsea Handler Documentary

Kim, Mallory and Jennifer. Netflix screenshot

Comedian Chelsea Handler turns navel-gazing gabacha for her new Netflix documentary on white privilege—a phrase that rivals the film White Chicks for the all-time gabacho trigger title. The hour-long exploration titled Hello, Privilege. It’s Me, Chelsea has Handler chatting up the topic with black folks such as Melina Abdullah of Black Lives Matter Los Angeles, United Shades of America host W. Kamau Bell and fellow comedian Kevin Hart.

Dealing with disconnect, Handler spends time talking to her own people, too. After getting some vox pop from an Oktoberfest event in Helen, Georgia, the comedian heads to an all-too-predictable place: Orange County. Sigh . . .

“Here I come, white people,” Handler jokes before heading into a suburban OC home.

Republican campaign manager Jennifer Beall opens the door, then leads the comedian to the back patio to meet some friends. Kathy Tavoularis, Mallory McCarthy and Kim McCarthy all gather around a cheese spread and some grapes for a conversation about white privilege—or, rather, how it actually really doesn’t exist.

“Really, privilege is growing up with a mom and a dad,” said Tavoularis, a former executive director of the OC GOP. “A lot of kids don’t have that, and I think you see that in the African-American community, where they’re missing a mom or a dad. They’re stuck in this cycle of poverty.”

Of course, most of OC rarely sees any black folks, as they’ve been historically kept to less than 3 percent of the population thanks to a mix of sundown towns and redlining. But we digress. . . .

Tavoularis touted herself as unaffected by white privilege; everything she got in life is because she worked her ass off.

Kim McCarthy, a longtime San Juan Capistrano gadlfy, never had much of a filter and let it fly, deeming racism “minuscule” these days. “It’s time to move on and knock it off and quit talking about it,” she added.

For years, McCarthy railed against illegal immigration with SJC Americans. And lest we forget her dustup over the depiction of Mexican President Benito Juarez, a Mexican flag and a Juarez quote in a mural at Marco Forster Middle School—artwork that came together in response to racist fliers by White Aryan Resistance.

Handler tried one last appeal to the women, saying having white skin never caused her to be panicked for her life when pulled over by police. The point seemed to register with Tavoularis, who reflected on it—something that led Mallory to panic and push back against any sudden revelations.

Rest assured, Tavoularis didn’t affirm white privilege is a thing, only that “black dis-privilege exists.”

Hey, there’s a new one!

Hello, Privilege. It’s Me, Chelsea is now available for streaming on Netflix.

21 Replies to “OC GOP Gals Deny White Privilege in New Chelsea Handler Documentary”

  1. You and you’re article are moronic, uninteresting and biased. Perhaps you should get to know people in OC instead of making broad general statements. OCWeekly ugh

    1. *Your* The way you spelled it means “you are”, which kinda makes your statement sound monic. Just sayin’… ?

  2. These women are and despicable epitomize the whole concept they are trying to deny. Google Jennifer and Tony Beall. Nothing could better illustrate their hypocrisy. Apparently, they believe they are above the law.

  3. White privilege doesn’t exist. There are hundreds of thousands of blacks who are far more privileged and well off than whites. The women are 100% correct that it has to do with your parents and your education. Both things are lacking in most primarily black communities. Everything in life has to do with the amount of work you put in. It’s up to black people to help their own communities.

    1. Yes black people do help themselves we freed ourselves fro. Your enslavement of us as a people. So you should stop gentiying our things like music food shin color hair the last goes on. Sorry many white folks do not have 2 parents and no you do not work hard look what Chelsea just up and did white privilege 101

      1. Black people didn’t free themselves. President Lincoln and Congress did by passing and signing the 13th Amendment and most, if not all, of them were white. Read a history book. There’s as much or more divorce with whites as there is with other racial groups so they don’t necessarily have 2 parents raising them either. Nope, that has very little to do with it. Asians immigrated to the U.S. and had to work in the fields, in mines, in factories and on the railroad. They had to work hard to educate themselves, learn the language and most of them have become successful. What many people confuse with “privilege” is just a strong work ethic, being persistent and not blaming other people for their own mistakes. The same people using the term, “White Privilege” also see themselves as victims and will use any excuse necessary for their own failures and inadequacies rather than taking the blame themselves.

        1. You do realize that blacks have been slaves longer 400+ than not being slaves/integration which was in 1960s so how can you say that “these” people arent still victims of this society that still in a way looks down on them??? You wouldn’t know if you have white privilege because you would not be able to see or feel it if you are white. And FYI white privilege doesnt mean having Money idiot!! It can also mean walking into grocery store and not being targeted because of you skin color!! Open your mind a little more. Damn I cannot believe people are so self centered!!

    2. You do understand that “White Privilege” is not about money right?? I mean going into a grocery store without someone eyeing you is considered white privilege. Also being treated in respectful manner by police is a white privilege. Like she said in her documentary, how do you know what white privilege does not exist when you are white??? Would a white person actually know it doesn’t exist?? You cannot tell me you are the one who is to say if it exist or not LOL!!! Wow open your entitled eyes. You can be homeless and have more privilege than another homeless person who is of color.

    3. Which tell me you have no experience as a black person or with black people and you must be living under a rock if you actually think black people have more privileges and the women who also have lack of experience themselves are 100% right. There goes the privilege your blind to it because you don’t have to deal with it or care about it because you benefit from it.

  4. Yes, White GOP Women do get special treatment. While employed by the Orange County Probation Department our Chief Probation Officer was the former Chairperson of the Orange County GOP, she was installed as a Judge, then Chief Probation Officer and FINALLY as Director of Health for the County of Orange, she had HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION. She sent ARMED GUARDS to the Voting Polls in the Hispanic Communities to SUPPRESS the Hispanic Voters. Her reward for helping her equally Racist Friend Old Trick Dick Nixon was the above mentions positions. She Smoked so much Marijuana at her residence in the City of Anaheim that her neighbors would call our Probation Record Unit complaining and NOTHING WAS DONE ABOUT IT. Then there was that Asst. Chief Probation Officer who Smoked so much Marijuana WHILE ON DUTY that my co-workers have the the AKA/Marijuana Nancy, the Cafeteria would be FULL OF LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS and the STENCH of the Marijuana was overpowering and AGAIN NOTHING WAS DONE ABOUT IT. All of these individuals HUNG OUT at this Lesbian Bar, including the Chief Probation Officer, who would write out a check to the Bar Owner and the Doors would be locked, the Lights would be turned down,
    the Music turned up and A MATTRESS thrown on the Pool Table, EVERYONE knew about this but NO ONE DARED DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. I positive I have proven my point.

    1. Admit that you’re LYING or provide some tangible evidence. I hope that the Chief Probation Officer reads this and sues you for libel. In any event, you’re talking about ONE PERSON (you didn’t even mention her race)
      and not all whites in general. Also, NO armed guards were ever sent to polling places when Richard Nixon was President or any time afterwards. Also, if you knew anything about the Dept. of Health, you’d know that they don’t control the sheriff’s department nor have “armed guards” so you really are making all of this up probably because you were fired and/or a former disgruntled employee.

  5. Good for the OC ladies. “White Privilege” is a made up phrase by racists. It might be more accurate to say that, if any privilege exists, it resides with those who are born rich and coddled for most of their lives without having to work hard to become successful themselves and those people come in ALL colors, genders, ethnic groups, ages, sexual orientations and belong to all religions and political persuasions. To suggest that ALL whites, simply by the color of their skin, have privileges over all other races is really a rather stupid thing to say and it doesn’t surprise me at all that Chelsea Handler would do so.

  6. Okay first I don’t know or have met the others but Jennifer Beall isn’t a racist, she is just a horrible human being to everyone, as in no redeemable qualities. Her and her husband lie, cheat and steal. She should have been asked about the magic money they came up with to build a house in Mexico. Let just put it this way they support the Tollroad and the Tollroad/TCA supports them.

  7. As one of the “OC GOP women” interviewed by Handler for this documentary I would like to point out the following to all races, genders, religious affiliations, political affiliations etc…Be an individual and practice critical thinking throughout your lives. The author of this article did not do his homework, but clearly has a personal opinion he chose to support instead of an unbiased, informative article for readers to decide on their own what to conclude.
    -Our discussion with Handler lasted over 2 hrs.–Handler edited it down to 4 minutes of out of context soundbites on which this article was based. This includes a false headline; we didn’t DENY white privilege, we discussed it.
    -The 4 of us did not want to do this but were convinced by Handlers team that she had some “epiphany” in life and wanted to make a positive difference. There was zero upside for us to participate in this; only downside, especially considering this era is open season on white people, conservatives, and/or Republicans. We did it anyway hoping to make a positive difference, clearly we were used and misled.
    BELOW are just a few facts Handler left on the editing room floor:
    -Jussie Smollett African American/gay/Hollywood privilege
    -Specific examples of Detroit in the 1980’s illustrating minority privilege in big three vendor contracts.
    -Handler made many statements she could not back up with facts. When asked where her info was coming from re: her claims of voter suppression and daily killings of black youth at the hands of white cops, her director repeatedly stopped filming to come out and tell her what to say.
    -Handler ignored me when I brought up the fact the Obamas were paid millions by Netflix and were now board members along with Susan Rice and influencing content. I asked if she was working with them. Silence.
    GABRIEL: If you write an article about people but only take the word of one of them, exactly what are you accomplishing? It is dishonest and a disservice to your readers. Remember Gabriel, as long as WE THE PEOPLE are divided, calling eachother names and not working together and agreeing to disagree for the greater good, we allow ourselves to be used by the Chelsea Handlers of the world to spew their propaganda for self-enrichment.
    If you would like to me for an honest conversation on your article, I would welcome it. Thank you,
    Kim McCarthy

    1. Kim: whining about “minority privilege” in Detroit during the 80’s wouldn’t have won you any brownie points…

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