OC Fair Ticket Giveaway!

Fair season is just about upon us, and we’ve got the tickets to prove it! For one fortunate Forker, we’d like to reward you with two general admissions plus two carnival ride cards (good for 3 rides per card). Now get your fair face on and prepare to comment. Are you ready? 

Here’s all we want from you: Comment below with your best advice for going to the fair. It could be to see a concert (since admission is included). Or some people prefer to go during the week than on weekends because of crowds. What’s your secret? We will select the best response after July 7. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.

The fair will be in town from July 15 to August 14. For more information, visit www.ocfair.com.

3 Replies to “OC Fair Ticket Giveaway!”

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