OC DIY Presents Ghost Noise, Eye Seas, Victoriana

Independent music collective OC DIY aims to bring a breath of fresh air to those searching for the next big DIY music space in Orange County that would allow smaller indie bands a chance to play in front of an audience as well as give young locals a chance to see fresher acts. Thus their efforts have led them to host a series of local shows at various venues throughout the county including small warehouses, skate shops, and house shows. Tonight's show at Max Bloom's Cafe Noir brings the gloomy post-punk of Ghost Noise, the ambient experimental stylings of Eye Seas, Long Beach singer-songwriter Rainman, and much, much more. You never know what could happen at a DIY show, so stick around and support your local DIY scene— and remember, always respect the space.

Sat., Feb. 21, 6 p.m., 2015

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