OC Block Party

If you’re celebrating America’s birthday, you have to do it at a baseball stadium. Forget spending a stupid amount of money hosting a barbecue (and ending the night with a fridge full of Coors Light thanks to your friend who still plays beer pong). Instead use the cash to get into Angel’s Stadium, where dozens and dozens of your favorite food vendors will be slinging your favorites. In attendance will be Great Food Truck Race winners Soeul Sausage, Santa Ana trend chasers Toro Burger and Honey and Butter macarons for you sweethearts, and many more. The most exciting part of the event, though, will of course be the fireworks extravaganza that’s set to go off once the sun goes out. Think your dinky little barbecue can beat that?

Sat., July 4, 3 p.m., 2015

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