OC Artists Get Into The Simpsons

Hipsters love The Simpsons, and not just in that nostalgic, the-best-Simpsons-was-old-school-Simpsons way. Now that the1990s have returned, younger millennials are scouring eBay, Instagram and local stores to collect merchandise with Matt Groening's beloved characters on them. But if you want to express your love for the Thompsons (which episode was that?) without dropping hundreds of dollars for a rare bootleg T-shirt of Bart's red-nailed hand flipping you off, behold some awesome local suppliers:

If you remember the Season 7 episode “King Size Homer,” in which Bart imagines himself as a grossly overweight man saying, “I wash myself with a rag on a stick,” this zine/art collective has a brilliant, circular 3-inch patch commemorating the moment. applesauceindustries.com.

The Santa Ana artist produces a vast inventory of Simpsons-themed merchandise, including stationery, gift cards, notepads, stickers, buttons and prints. But only a true Simpsons fan can fully enjoy Cruz's products, as they are rife with episode references. The gift cards feature the image of Kirk Van Houten's doomed demo tape “Can I Borrow a Feeling?” and Mr. Burns popping out naked from a cake. www.cruxworldwide.com.

Kidrobot makes plenty of 3-inch figurines, from Lisa and Maggie in mariachi costumes to everyday Springfieldians Carl, Sideshow Mel, Otto, Patty Bouvier and more—and you'll find them here.206 E. Fourth St., Ste. B, Santa Ana, (714) 541-0300; www.gcssantaana.com.

The local supplier carries Kidrobot's limited-edition series of 3-inch, 25th-anniversary Simpsons keychains, featuring Poochie “the Rockin' Dog,” Mayor Quimby, Bartman and a special mystery character. The store also carries quirky novelty mints in a tiny Duff beer can to keep your breath fresh on the . . . go (what episode was that?). 6672 Westminster Blvd., Westminster, (714) 891-3626; www.artsupplywarehouse.com.

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