Obesity Study Will Pay You $3.5K To Eat Fast Food Every Day for Three Months

While actors sometimes have the very arduous task of eating everything in sight while not exercising in an attempt to chub up for certain roles, little did we know there are such paid opportunities for regular folks, too. 
Washington University is conducting a study on obesity and is looking for participants who are willing to eat all the fast food they want every day for three months. What they'll get in return: $3,500. And a second ass. To think, fellow Americans, all this time you've been doing this for free!  


According to FoodBeast, participants must already be 30 pounds overweight to begin with. Then, during those three months, they must gain five percent of their body weight. After that–well, if they're still alive–they will enter a weight loss program to shed the extra pounds.  
Researchers hope to determine why some overweight people develop diabetes and other cardiovascular risk factors, while others do not.
If this sounds like your kind of study, you can sign up here

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