Obama Wins Presidential Election Thanks to Baby Hewie!

The New York Observer is reporting that Orange County conservative yackmouth Hugh Hewitt unsuccessfully tried to sell a book proposal involving Republican presidential candidate Sarah Palin. We'd usually laugh at any Baby Hewie gaffe–the proposed title was How Sarah Palin Won the Election … and Saved America, and ain't that a bit pompous?–except that his failure means hope for Democrats, as his infatuation with Palin might have provoked the Hugh Hewitt curse.

Don't know about it? Read our wonderful blog archives, where Hewie:

*Tried really, really hard to make sure the Republican Party didn't lose the midterm election–and guess what happened.

*And wrote a book about GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and ridiculously tried to appear that he hadn't officially endorsed him…until Baby Hewie endorsed Romney and even emceed a Long Beach event on the eve of the California primary…which Romney lost BAD.

Simply put: what Baby Hewie endorses seems to die slow, agonizing, embarrassing deaths. If Obama does win, we take credit for calling it. And if the McCain-Palin ticket succeeds, see you in a bunker* somewhere!

By “bunker,” we of course mean “Stanton.”

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