O Fine Japanese Cuisine to Open Second Sushi Bar in Irvine

Last time I was at O Fine Japanese Cuisine in Laguna Beach, our server asked me where I drove from. Irvine, I said. She brightened at that statement and told me that pretty soon, there'd be a O Fine Japanese Cuisine in Irvine, too. 

“Where will it be?” I asked. When she said Quail Hill, I knew exactly what spot it would take.  I confirmed my suspicions when I just happened to be in the area last week: It's going to take over the space Mitsui left behind.

The opening date is slated for “Early 2011,” but that could easily mean summer.  So if the master-planned Quail Hill community is craving a Heart Attack–a chile-relleno/jalapeño-popper hybrid, the pepper stuffed with cream cheese, shrimp and spicy tuna, then deep-fried in a tempura cocoon before being sliced into chopstick-retrievable rounds–it'll have to make the drive to Laguna in the meantime. . . .

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