Nudo Nudo, New Pho and Ramen Shop, to Open in Little Saigon

A new pho joint called Nudo Nudo will open on Bolsa Avenue soon. Scratch that: it's actually also a ramen joint that also sells fries topped with oxtail.

The website has a stalled countdown clock and not much else, but from what I've seen of an early draft of the menu, it's possible that just those items will be featured and only those items. Pictures of the place seem to suggest an Apple-store-like minimalist approach to the interior design.


The space it will occupy is the former location of Teacup Tea House at 9393 Bolsa Avenue in Westminster. Teacup lasted just a little more in a year in the spot most likely because the tea/boba joint competition in Little Saigon is as fierce. But then that's nothing compared to the pho competition.

But that name is catchy.

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